What are you listening to?


I really like these live KEXP sessions- they have a lot of cool bands flow through their studios. Great place to discover new music- I stumbled across this lovely group of ladies today and to put it lightly, was blown away.

A band that I myself am proud to be a part of as slide-whistleman/ electric guitarist, BUSTARD, will be doing an early digital release our first little 4-song demo tomorrow, which I'm incredibly excited about!


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No guitars but the newest Four Tet and Caribou albums (from like a week ago) have been the sort of soothing and moody stuff I needed lately.

On the guitar side I've really been digging La Luz's most recent album (produced by Dan Auerbach!). They do a great twist on that dreamy surfy sound.


Will do! I’m basically just having some beer and doing pedal graphics today! :D
Awesome- looking forward to seeing your graphics!

I like it! Takes me back to some of the late 60's vibe with a modern twist
Glad you like it, Barry! A lot of our influence does indeed come from 60's albums, we're very happy to know the vibes are coming through!
(Though we try not to be copy-cats)

Great work! I’m especially digging the SMiLE vibes toward the beginning.
Thanks for sharing!
That comparison is a massive compliment- countless hours of practicing the slide-whistle have finally paid off!

The atmosphere on the Magnolia song is just rad!
Thanks! That's one of my favorite songs to play- all the sustained swells can be a bit hypnotic and put me in a trance if I'm not careful.

I'm incredibly overwhelmed by all the support and attention coming from you fellas'! It's an honor to be a part of this awesome community!
Thank you all so much for taking the time to listen to our project!

Asymmetry by Karnivool.

What a band.
^Wow- this is the first I've heard of Karnivool. I'll say that, without making a direct comparison, the appeal that this group creates is the closest I've heard/felt to what TOOL does, which is no small feat. The drum and bass tracks are nothing short of heroic. Thanks a lot for sharing, BurntFingers- I'll definitely be checking out more of their albums also.

Why not?
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Bustard is good vibes! Love it.

The graphics I’m working on aren’t anything special haha. Basically just a guillotine going on a big unnecessary 1590xx box, meathead fuzz with an HM-2 EQ blender in one.

Chuck D. Bones

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While building the Pyrocumulus just now, I listened to...

The Beatles "Across the Universe"
The Aristocrats "Desert Tornado"
Jimi Hendrix "The Stars Played with Laughing Sam's Dice"
King Crimson "the Talking Drum"
Alice Cooper "Generation Landslide"
Loudon Wainwright III "Rufus is a Tit Man"
The Power Station "Some Like It Hot"
Hooverphonic "You Love Me to Death"
Tashaki Miyaki "Cool Runnings"
Stevie Ray Vaughan "Ain't Gonna Give Up on Love"

Kind of an eclectic mix...


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Haken - Aquarius.

Prog sort of like dream theater, but has a ton of groove and (for me) more coherence among the song writing.

Aquarius is a concept album about a girl who is born as a mermaid and it's quite beautiful. I know mentioning DT might turn people off but I only say that because, frankly, any prog band after 2000 had some DT influence in there. Haken don't go on 20 minute benders too often and they keep it smart, groovy, with very well constructed songs and the guitar player always picks the right notes.

Live a little, give it a listen.