What Trim Pots to Have Onhand


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I've been interested in incorporating trim pots into both build and breadboard projects. The question for more experienced builders is what sort of stocks to you keep available on your workbench? What value pots would you keep onhand, and what type of trim pots do you prefer?

I wanted to order a bunch of them and am looking for a useful selection of values to start with.


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I go on tayda and every time I put in an order I grab between 3-5 of every value so I always have the on hand. So cheap I probably spend a couple bucks on them. My general rule of thumb is to keep about 50 resistors on hand of any value and a 100 of the values that get used most. Caps I keep about 20 of any value on hand. Trimmers same way, 20 of all values. It's rare I run out of anything.


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Winter soldier gets a plus 1 from me.

For resistors, I like to sort em by E number. E6's, between 100r and 2.2m, I'll usually keep at least 100 on hand at all times. If I need anything from an E12, I'll typically buy 100 just so I can have em on hand. Ditto E24's, but I stop buying Vishay/Dale mil spec at that point and start picking up Vishay/Beyschlag. Anything exclusive to E48 and above...it all depends. Normally I'll pick up at least 25 if I can find em in the styles that I like.

Caps...well...that's a little more difficult. Lots of different types, form factors, applications. Anything from an E24 up to 1nF I try to keep C0G's, from 1nF to 220nF I try to keep C0G, polypro, and a dash of PPS in there too, 470nF to 4.7uF I'll keep poly film, 470nF to 10uF elna silmics, nichicon HE and fine gold, 10uF and above nichicon HE and polymer caps. The upper ranges don't tend to go behind the E6 values.

Trimpots are cheap, I just buy whatever tayeda sells or stompbox parts. I'll usually keep at least 10 of each of the single turn versions with certain values (10k, 100k, getting 20), and I'll have at least 5 of each of the multiturn pots on hand.

16mm pots...woof. I keep at least five of each value. Linear pots, and A100k get significantly more. 9mm's get like...five of each value.

Man, and don't even get me started on ICS. OPA2134, TL072, JRC4558 by the fistful. Transistors; 2n5088, 2n5087, 2n3904, 2n3906 by the fistful. Diodes: 1n4001, 1n914, 1n4148, 1n5817 by the fistful.

Then there's switches...and other stuff...

Lots of inventory. Lots of arko mills organizers.