Zapper gain mod

Dan M

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I think yes. If I’m doing this correctly, the gain across IC2 is (1+50k/1k) = 6.

If you increase the pot it would be (1+250k/1k) = 26.

But I think the diodes will lessen the impact. Maybe someone else will chime in on that part.

Feral Feline

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The diodes will add op-amp clipping kind of like on a tube screamer, as opposed to straight to ground — It does go to ground, looking at the schematic, but the clipping hits R7 & C5 before ground... so, yeah.

Diodes'll lessen the impact but I think the gains made by the 250k pot will counter any loss. I'll let somebody else do the math and see if that's an accurate assessment.

What diodes were used?


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Couldn’t tell you the math, this was awhile ago haha. I used 5817s. It just adds a bit of grit, nothing spectacular but I like it a lot.