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Hey Jeff thanks for providing that AI file. I'm new to Illustrator as I've only used GIMP in the past. Is the text on the template actually text or something you've drawn? For the life of me I cannot figure out how to edit the text. It seems to be individual letters grouped together but none of the things I know to edit the text are working :) Any help would be appreciated
The text was converted to outlines. So, to update the text, you’ll need to just use the text tool and add in new text and remove the old ones. Once you’re sure of the text size and weight, convert the nes ones to outlines as well. That’s required because the folks printing it won’t likely have the fonts loaded. Best to always use outlines for all text stuff.
Got it! Thank you Jeff!
Just got tix to Ween at night one of the Capitol theater! Unfortunately couldn’t spring for the three night bundle, but 3 hours of ween is a million times better than zero hours of ween!
Just thinking again, as I often have for years now, about how in the song “In the mood” by Rush, geddy sings “hey baby, it’s a quarter to eight”, but then in the same verse sings “hey baby, the hour is late”, implying that, in Canada, 7:45pm is considered to be particularly late at night.
I have an unused Design for the Spirit Box/Ghost Echo
If someone wants it, I can send you the file for the UV print, just DM me.
I'm Andre. I'm from Italy but I live in Poland.

I can only afford cheap guitars that always need some TLC so I became my own tech. Once I bought a soldering iron I realized I could build my own pedals so here I am.
I'm a total noob but I enjoy learning this groovy stuff.
RIght on! I got to spend a little time in Italy in the late 90s. We rented a car and visited Roma, Venezia (Lido di Jesolo), Firenze, and Sorrento. I think Firenze was my favorite. The hotel was at the end of the Ponte Vecchio and had a wonderful rooftop cafe. Food, wine, and music every night! Caio!
Welcome aboard Andre! Howdy from the middle of the USA

I spent two weeks in Italy when I was 12 or 13 with my family and seeing this reminded me of something I haven't thought about in a decade -- in Firenze we stayed in a bed and breakfast above the Serial Killer Museum. If you need any help don't be afraid to ask - if there's such thing as a dumb question we've all asked it a dozen times too.
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Managed to wire a pickup selector/blender pot in with push pulls for coil splitting, that was stressful
Made my first pedal, an El Sol distortion, and I'm impressed. It sounds great. It is based around a Sunn model T. My guitar teacher liked it so much, he said he would pay me to build him one! He knows a thing or 2 about tone, being a pro musician and a Berklee grad...
Fantastic pedal. Those two LM386s really pump it out!
Yes sir, they sure do. Love the tone. I was pretty blown away. No troubleshooting, it just worked the first time too! That was pretty lucky! I didn't expect that!
send me your email address and I'll send you my address if you can mail me a CDB board.