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Hi, I built a MUZZLE and I have the same problem as you on key input. when i make a jumper between key 1 and key 2 the pedal works. on the other hand when I cable the jack sold by muzkding it does not work in several connection possible. if you can send me the pictures of your connection this could help me.
Thank you, I want help because I just ordered the new connector JACK I display photos.
you need a 1/4” switching jack with 3 lugs. One is a ground and the other 2 are for the tip. One of the tip lugs disconnects from the circuit when a plug is inserted. This is the switched lug and goes in the right hand hole. When a plug is not inserted the 2 tip lugs are connected again the same as if you have a jumper on the board. Does that make sense?
I don’t see any link in this reply to attach a pic
thanks pedal pcb yesterday i got a special overdrive kit via muzikding in germany i would ask you can you send me the photo of the finished pedal if you have a special overdrive that can put together the post amateur friendly greeting Harry
I just made the Mesmerizer and it works great. Only thing is its at unity volume at just under a quarter turn.It has about twice the boost I would think is correct. Any suggestions on what to check? I'm thinking of just setting the knob at 12:00 at unity gain and calling it a day.🤔
You could try a 500k resistor across Legs 1 & 3 of the Volume pot to give you a wider sweep (turns it into a 250k pot)