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I'm Andre. I'm from Italy but I live in Poland.

I can only afford cheap guitars that always need some TLC so I became my own tech. Once I bought a soldering iron I realized I could build my own pedals so here I am.
I'm a total noob but I enjoy learning this groovy stuff.
RIght on! I got to spend a little time in Italy in the late 90s. We rented a car and visited Roma, Venezia (Lido di Jesolo), Firenze, and Sorrento. I think Firenze was my favorite. The hotel was at the end of the Ponte Vecchio and had a wonderful rooftop cafe. Food, wine, and music every night! Caio!
Welcome aboard Andre! Howdy from the middle of the USA

I spent two weeks in Italy when I was 12 or 13 with my family and seeing this reminded me of something I haven't thought about in a decade -- in Firenze we stayed in a bed and breakfast above the Serial Killer Museum. If you need any help don't be afraid to ask - if there's such thing as a dumb question we've all asked it a dozen times too.
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Managed to wire a pickup selector/blender pot in with push pulls for coil splitting, that was stressful
Made my first pedal, an El Sol distortion, and I'm impressed. It sounds great. It is based around a Sunn model T. My guitar teacher liked it so much, he said he would pay me to build him one! He knows a thing or 2 about tone, being a pro musician and a Berklee grad...
Fantastic pedal. Those two LM386s really pump it out!
Yes sir, they sure do. Love the tone. I was pretty blown away. No troubleshooting, it just worked the first time too! That was pretty lucky! I didn't expect that!
send me your email address and I'll send you my address if you can mail me a CDB board.
Hi, I'm a new member here, though have been building pedals for years. Back a while you did a trace of the Vertex Boost. Any chance you still have and can forward me the schematic? Many thanks, John
Greetings! I'm in over my head, I've done ZERO research, I have unreasonable expectations, and I've come to ask you all to Google my unformed uninformed questions for me.
Greetings, Searched around and you seem knowledgeable on "Cry Baby" builds. Put together a "Tear Jerker" & it's clean. Set with dip switch 6 on (been told like the original).

Sounds great but in bypass if I move away from heel down I get an insane air raid siren sound.

Any idea why that would happen in bypass?

I know the original had a lot of tone suck issues in bypass..

Help would be much appreciated.
Not sure how to post a pic but I can send, wouldn't let me send a Google photo link.
Chuck D. Bones
Chuck D. Bones
How about posting this in the Troubleshooting forum?
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Hey. Saw your post... Did you ever get your Teensy-controlled tap tempo working? I'm pursuing a similar pedal using a SAMD21 and was curious how difficult it was overcoming the problems PPCB pointed out (calibration / lookup tables to make it accurate).