Might be a tall order but an Empress Heavy would be amazing.

So I just built my first two pedals from you guys over the last 2 days. I grabbed a couple that I really wanted in the event I didn’t enjoy making them, and now I wish I would have bought sooooo many more 😂🤣😂🤣 haha !!! Anyways, while there is a massive list of things I want to build, there’s one pedal that I want that I would love to try and build that would be exceptionally harder then some and that’s the Empress Heavy pedal. It’s a pretty big preamp style pedal, with a lot of adjustments and fine tune abilities, so I think it would be rad to make if I could find a PCB for it. Then I saw the link here for the wish list and just had to put it on here for a request. Big shout out To PedalPCB for making absolutely amazing boards on top of an amazing selection, this is a new found love for me and never thought about building my own pedals until I saw you designs ☺️☺️ I attached a pic of the pedal in case you haven’t seen it before, but any info on if it would even be possible would be awesome , please and thank you !!!


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