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Greetings! I'm in over my head, I've done ZERO research, I have unreasonable expectations, and I've come to ask you all to Google my unformed uninformed questions for me.
Greetings, Searched around and you seem knowledgeable on "Cry Baby" builds. Put together a "Tear Jerker" & it's clean. Set with dip switch 6 on (been told like the original).

Sounds great but in bypass if I move away from heel down I get an insane air raid siren sound.

Any idea why that would happen in bypass?

I know the original had a lot of tone suck issues in bypass..

Help would be much appreciated.
Not sure how to post a pic but I can send, wouldn't let me send a Google photo link.
Chuck D. Bones
Chuck D. Bones
How about posting this in the Troubleshooting forum?
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Hey. Saw your post... Did you ever get your Teensy-controlled tap tempo working? I'm pursuing a similar pedal using a SAMD21 and was curious how difficult it was overcoming the problems PPCB pointed out (calibration / lookup tables to make it accurate).