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Really i just wanna finishing my DOD250. Problems linking jack stereo e mono and wiring 3pdt switch get me crazy! anyone has the beginner solution for it (question mark).
Just ordering my first PCB’s! Can’t wait to get started!
Wondering if there are any recommendations on something else that might be an easy one to start off with?
The Son of Benson is a great one.
I'd start off with a board with a low parts count and inexpensive components.

How experienced are you at soldering? What's your build set-up?
Many fuzzes tend to have a low number of parts. I would maybe look there.

If you haven't soldered much just take your time. It took me a little while to get good at it. I tend to use thinner solder for PCBs from here and that works well for me.

Check out this workflow post.