Promethium blend control


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Hi all,

So I am about to start a Promethium build. My end goal is a 1590BB enclosure with a volume control/boost, Promethium, gate and a blend control to blend in the distortion from my amp and the pedal itself. I thought I had it all planned in theory but the blend part is throwing me now.

Is this something I can just make quite easily on perf board or something more in depth? If it's something that I can easily make, can anyone help me with what it will require?

I'm also a complete newbie at this, I've successfully made the Isosceles boost and that's about it so far.



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Hey there, I am doing something similar and there are a few options from what I've seen on the forums.

People have successfully used Mask Audio Utility blend:

If you wanted to DIY on perfboard, here's a thread with a schematic for a JFET blender and where to splice the circuit into the promethium:

Good luck!
Did both of these and either way will lead to a satisfying result!