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    [CLOSED] Friedman BE-Mini Giveaway

    Hope I’m not too late.
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    Ocelot Octave - Also no Octave

    Looks like the problem was a blown TL072. Replaced all of them, and now it sounds great. Thanks again to the forum for the help
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    The Return of Biggus Dickus

    Cool trick with the LED's
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    RAH - The Cave

    Sounds as advertised. Led Zeppelin in a box. I haven't had the chance yet to really dial it in, but it will definitely find its way on to my board as my go-to.
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    Ocelot Octave - Also no Octave

    Reflowed the entire thing. It got more fun. Octave 1 isn't making much if any difference. Octave 2 creates an octave effect, but the ground noise shows up as 8-bit video game synth sounds. Ordered more TL072's to swap out on the weekend.
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    RAH - The Cave

    Just finished up my Catalinbread RAH build. For some reason, I landed on Plato's Allegory of the Cave as a theme. I used sharpie on a white enclosure, then "melted" the ink with rubbing alcohol to create a watercolor/drip effect. Then I overplayed it with some transparent decal of a piece of...
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    Ocelot Octave - Also no Octave

    I had a two extra TL072's laying around. I rotated them through all the positions. I also had an extra CD4013 which I swapped out. No difference. It's still operating as a slight clean boost. Wondering if I need to do a whole-sale swap out of the IC's.
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    Ocelot Octave - Also no Octave

    As soon as I posted these pics, I noticed that there's a 1M resistor on the bottom where I missed a solder. Fixed that, reflowed a couple other spots... no difference.
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    Ocelot Octave - Also no Octave

    Hey folks, Long time since I've been on here. Took a break from pedal building, but I'm back knocking out another 4 pedals. I've got two problems with my Ocelot Octave build. The first is probably the foot switch, but the pedal is active all the time and my switch is acting as an intermittent...
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    Dialing in Duocast

    Hey Party People, Any tips for dialing in the trim pots on the Duocast? I’m trying to go by ear, but figured I would ask the community if they have any suggestions
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    Carmine Drive Control Noise

    Hey, Just finished my Crimson (Carmine) Drive build, and I’m getting bad noise that seems to be originating at the Drive control, on The first terminal of the Pot. I’ve double checked the 10k resistor that it leads to, and it’s grounded and testing at 10k. For kicks, I jumpered the terminal to...
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    Son of Ben Troubleshooting

    I had a few issues. One is that a few capacitors were blown. Not 100% certain why. I pulled out the jfets and traced the voltage leading from the power supply through to the jfet to find the faulty ones. I also had bad jfets too. The ones from small bear took care of the job.
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    Unused pedals

    Hey, thanks for taking these and helping more of us get our hands on these pedals. Funny that you appreciate the things more that you built yourself... Sometimes you can only look at the world and wonder why more people don’t take pride in creating and building, rather than buying.
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    Duo Phase

    Sick job. Clean as a whistle, and I love the graphics. I also love that you're using the same knobs I got with a potentiometer kit I picked up on Amazon. Those knobs have fit with a lot of designs and layouts.
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    Something different - Amp Stand/ Pedal Board

    Hey, thought I would share something different. The wife wanted me to move my gear out of the living room, so I compromised and made an amp stand/ pedal board that would tidy things up and match the book shelf I built. Super cheap to make. I dug through the Douglas fir at Home Depot to find...