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    Simulcast/Broadcast Silicon Mod?

    To me, on my set up, it sounds like the Hudson as a clean boost but with the clarity turned up. And less the fuzz at max settings. Still over drives the tubes and has a really nice crunch when maxed. Arche.
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    Simulcast/Broadcast Silicon Mod?

    I am a recent convert myself. I totally was a sucker for the transformer magic, until I built the Heavy water clone and realized the “magic” was not the transformer in the Hudson after all. The Magic is when the circuit is just right and gels with the rest of your gear.
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    Luxury 763

    Try the Mojito, it’s another sleeper. Both the 763 and Mojito have been on my board since built and don’t see them leaving anytime soon. They are similar but different enough to warrant both.
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    Luxury 763

    This is one of the sleeper pedals, its really good. Great job.
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    Hwut Fuzz

    I’m a fan of this build. How do you like it? I found the second notch from the dullest is my favorite on the rotary.
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    Random pix

    This rules!
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    Arche Build

    Last update on this build: I stacked the Simulcast into the Arche, both clean and HOLE LEE FOOK! I literally considered the possibility of just having a two pedal pedal board. It’s insane. If you have both, you gotta try it. Wow! No drive pedal I have played sounds this good. Light touch = very...
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    Pendulum Harmonic Tremolo

    Mine also is very loud. It’s all those Ic amps. :)
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    TRANSFORMERS, all PPCB projects, in disguise...

    This is awesome. I was looking for a similar last year.
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    Pedalpcb Sun Flower Fuzz

    Hell yeah. Kudos to your creativity.
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    EHX Sequencer Drum-Lectric-fx abacus

    Looks like I’m going to have to order one of these now. Very cool.
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    Arche Build

    Update: I was able to get the whine to go away by giving it its own power supply line instead of daisy chain. And some how that also cleared up the ice pickness on all my drives except the Mojito which doesn’t need a boost in the first place so win win. I’m still keeping the Simulcast because it...
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    Arche Build

    Ah, the good ole days of leaders and daredevils catching northerns for fun. There is a lake in the UP of Michigan that was polluted with Mercury so you can’t eat anything from it which made it a lake of monsters. Deer lake. At least that was the case when I was a kid an my dad took me there...
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    Arche Build

    Good idea, I will pop it in at the end and see how it works. I did try my double barrel clone into it and it also sounded ice picky on the highs. Maybe the others won’t be so bad. I’m also going to try using it on its own power jack and see if that helps with the whine.
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    Arche Build

    Review time: Ok, after having several days with the Arche Boost on my board (it kicked off my General Tso,which has been on my board since I started building pedals) I have some thoughts to share. At the beginning I really thought this might actually replace my Simulcast as my clean boost of...