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  1. jjjimi84

    Missing Build Docs / Schematics

    What I am reading is I should hold off on my next order..... Sweet.
  2. jjjimi84

    Covert Overdrive JFET question

    The pinout is the same, although you may need to adjust bias to get them within range. Should be fine
  3. jjjimi84

    Why are pedals better than girlfriends/boyfriends?

    I can have 300 pedals and zero vd
  4. jjjimi84

    Procrastinator, Mantle, Sea Horse, Bayonet

    Thank you chuck! I got a bunch of stuff in the works, I just gotta get my ass in gear when it comes to posting.
  5. jjjimi84

    Procrastinator, Mantle, Sea Horse, Bayonet

    Here are a few pedals recently gifted to people I really admire. My mom asked for a painted pedal and since she is always late I gave her this, the Procrastinator. Standard build hand painted purple locust flower. Built 03/22/2019 and painted 03/16/2020 for her birthday on 03/17/2020. I...
  6. jjjimi84

    The “protoboard”

    I feel like that whole rant was a perfect descriptor of not being a big boy. I am sure Chuck meant nothing by it other then implying it isn't something for beginners and as a more experienced builder it can be daunting. I will say that chuck has been a huge supporter of the forum and has...
  7. jjjimi84

    Anyone want to guess what I am working on?

    Looks great and cant wait to hear it! Et-65 is my vote, I have two of them. One in a 1x12 and another paired with a v-30 in a 2x12. It is a great speaker! In my Allen Accomplice I swapped speakers a few times and landed on the george allesandro eminence speaker. It currently is running 6l6s and...
  8. jjjimi84


    You said jimmy hats! I havent heard that since my dad had “the talk” with me. Lol nice work on the derailer, some real nice jimmy hats.
  9. jjjimi84

    The “protoboard”

    the transistors in this circuit are configured like diodes so they are just contributing to the clipping. My first instinct is to look at why you are getting 14v from the 9v supply. Just briefly looking at the schematic, it looks like you get 9v then hit a voltage divider to then get vref...
  10. jjjimi84

    Foxtron Octron 3

    https://www.foxroxelectronics.com/Octron3.html It certainly looks within the range of diy, all through hole and sounds killer.
  11. jjjimi84

    The “protoboard”

    Trust me when I say this, breadboarding is a humbling experience. I have built hundreds of pedals and was brought to my knees because i overlooked one jumper. But when I got my first circuit up and running I was thing king for a day.
  12. jjjimi84

    The “protoboard”

    I have gotten multiple things to work. Snap a pic maybe there is something all of us can do to help.
  13. jjjimi84


    I am glad it was only five dollars in parts, never ordering from them. Kind of bummed with bonzai, thought they would have been better to deal with.
  14. jjjimi84


    Stompboxparts.com has been really great to me, I highly recommend them! Like a lot of us, I have been waiting on parts from Futurlec that were ordered on April 25th and have been awaiting shipment since May 2nd. Ordered the same parts from Bonzai and the order has been processing for a month...
  15. jjjimi84

    Looking for envirotex lite pointers

    Use a heat gun after you pour, it will get rid of all of the bubbles and it thins the epoxy enough to start the drip process so you can clean up the drips a little better