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    [CONTEST] Sandspur Fuzz Video

    This was mine and my sons first thoughts
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    Pedals built out of love (spouse, partner, significant other, kids, family etc.)

    I would play in that band, but then again I would be complex and i would be cool. You know because i'm the man.......
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    [CONTEST] Sandspur Fuzz Video

    I should have put an end date for submissions, so lets go Wednesday July 28th for submission. I will then set up the poll and the following Monday August 2nd will be the day I tally the results to film that week. I will hopefully get it edited quickly and posted that week or the next. Sounds...
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    [CONTEST] Sandspur Fuzz Video

    I am not opposed to it but I am not sure I can top what my son did on my MBP Rustbucket.
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    [CONTEST] Sandspur Fuzz Video

    I don’t even know what those words mean……
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    VFE Pedals -- An opportunity to become a "licensed builder"

    Looks like my dream of making the all in one white to dragon to yodeler is coming true. Look at that sps springboard, got myself a spring board in my pants
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    [CONTEST] Sandspur Fuzz Video

    Hello all! As some of you may know, I am filming and editing a video series on building your first guitar pedal and using the sandspur fuzz as the candidate. In this video series I show how I go about building a pedal from bare enclosure and blank pcb to working pedal. I have detailed the build...
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    Sandspur (stupid question?)

    I have a ton of video I am editing down on building this pedal. The bias pots and clean blend play a large role in it sounding great. As always I recommend socketing and experimenting especially if this is a pedal you are new to.
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    Sandspur (stupid question?)

    I always just put a lower gain in q1 and moderately higher in q2. In my build i think the bc108s were 300 and 400 respectively
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    Gauging Interest in Microphone Circuits

    I have one little nugget of wisdom to add, the best piece of gear purchased for my studio was the materials to build acoustic panels. It changed my recordings for the better and was really easy to build and upholster. No matter what you decided to do to build to record with make sure you have...
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    Gauging Interest in Microphone Circuits

    The most I have delved into it is replacing broken mics with stuff and then building a seventhcircleaudio rack for myself. Great stuff but gets pricey fast.
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    This Week on the Breadboard: Blues Driver BD-2 & BD-2w - part 2

    Yes!!!! This!!! Thanks for this breakdown really insightful
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    Electrovibe Mockup Pedal

    I bought about 5-7371 bulbs when I ordered enclosures, I will have a couple to spare if anybody needs one.
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    Design Challenge #2

    I somehow missed this thread and board but an old friend of mind used to call it his purple headed yogurt slinger. I am sure if given enough time I could paint that monster. @Chuck D. Bones your knowledge of circuits astounds me! I absolutely love your threads and read them while scratching my...