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    Wanted: gut shots of a Proco Rat

    I can snap some pics for you tomorrow.
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    [CONTEST] Sandspur Fuzz Video

    A little late to the party, but I've just increased the maximum number of poll choices.
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    Electrovibe bulb?

    7371 bulb and 7532 photocell from Smallbear would be a good choice. I used the LDRs from Tayda (and they worked) but they aren't the optimal choice.
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    MMBFJ201 JFET (Pre-Soldered) - When Are they Coming Back?

    I've been dragging my feet on this one, I just sent an email to the supplier to see about reordering.
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    Missing Build Docs / Schematics
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    Katana - pop when engaging boost switch

    Hahaha, we started doing that a few months ago too. They're so much easier to care for, just dust them off occasionally. I told my wife if she kills this one something is wrong. :ROFLMAO:
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    Katana - pop when engaging boost switch

    Excellent! Love your implementation as well, nice and classy. :)
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    Katana - pop when engaging boost switch

    It might help to add 1M bleed resistors from A1 to ground and B1 to ground.
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    Panspermia.. anyone build one of these? Sustain control issue

    Try jumping a 10K resistor across these two points and see if it sounds more like you expected.
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    Catalyst Delay - barely audible when pedal is engaged

    There was a fabrication error that affected a few of these in one batch. Send me a PM with your order number and date.
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    Forum login vs store login

    The two sites are run on completely different software and servers, there isn't really a secure way to synchronize the two. Probably the easiest solution would be to login using your email address and use the same password on both sites.
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    Does this exist? Female 1/4" to Male 1/4"?

    Something like this?
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    Low tide screen print

    Yes, follow your PCB. The only difference is the arrangement of the components.
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    Electrovibe Mockup Pedal

    I'll have a wiring diagram drawn up soon, but in the meantime it's easy enough. The four center pads connect to the PCB. The pad on the far left goes to the tip of the input jack, the pad on the far right goes to the tip of the output jack. (The same as the standard wiring diagram here)
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    Lamp (or Helping hands + lamp combo)

    I have one of these on my desk: