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    Must Have Distortion Pedals...

    The Elements and Palladium are a very nice idea :D
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    Obne effects

    All Obne's are full fv1, but great pedals indeed ! very "smart" et innovative, in a usefull way (i have the crazy chorus pedal, this is insanely musical even in extreme settings)? Didn't seems so complicated, if only you can "copy" the eeeprom (i guess ?)
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    EEPROM selection PCB

    eeprom switch, jesus what a great idea... !
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    Sunn Beta

    I second a Beta PCB ! SNK pedals produce one for a very expensive price (250$), and it didn't seems very complicated (inside pic here : if only i can read this ...
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    dingo distortion

    It works !! Thanx boss
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    dingo distortion

    Hi, i have the old pcb, the Rottweiler one, and few weeks ago somebody talk to me about a trouble on the pcb, who need a bridge. what was it ? my thread seems to disappear ! thanks (because i actually have trouble right now !)