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    Cataclysm Delay w/ 2Khz noise

    Just curious, but how did you find it's a 2 kHz frequency?
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    TUTORIAL Crankshaft Distortion - EQD Speaker Cranker

    I breadboarded this one a while back! Sounds great through a LOUD amp. If you like it, I recommend checking out the Je T'aime. It's very similar, and a lotta fun too!
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    We have lift-off! Good luck!
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    Wow! The cooling systems on JWST are fascinating! I was studying it the other day, and was completely blown away. Incredibly brilliant!
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    Repo Fuzz

    Hey Chuck, have you used female molex connectors for quick led sockets?
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    Kliche overdrive problem, no sound

    That adapter is ac? Wow. It clearly says "output: DC 9.6V 200ma" can't it be trusted?
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    Molex type pcb board-2-board wire plug connector assemblies

    I use molex connectors every now and then, and I use a good pair of needle nose to crimp the pins onto wire. I've not had a problem with any of them, though, keep in mind I've had 30 years practice! I would definitely recommend them, they make for a good board connection. In my experience, pin...
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    Trimmers: 6mm top adjustment vs Cermet 3362P

    I've used both, and there's not much difference. The top adjust MAY be a bit cheaper in construction, so may want to use it for voltage divider or something "set and forget" as opposed to a function you would need to adjust regularly..
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    Paragon Mini

    Yeah, you can use either, or both diodes. 1n914 are an older version, but they are essentially the same. I built mine with sockets and tried all sorts of diodes, 1n914 and 1n4148 sounded no different. IMO, a diodes circuit placement and Vf has most effect on tone. Experiment!
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    Brown Betty: "I'm a little teapot..."

    Those knobs go great! Perfect!
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    Correct Zener Value for Marigold Fuzz

    Did you use the 4.7 v zener the BOM calls for? Did you mind the pinouts on the transistors? They appear different.. PICS
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    SOLVED Angry Andy Output level?

    Andy should have plenty of volume. Been a while, but seem to remember unity at about 11 o' clock. Sounds like a wrong component somewhere.
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    Why does gating happen and how can i fix it?

    You may be driving the tranny hard enough(tee hee) it goes into passing essentially a DC signal. (Saturation)Try higher input resistors.
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    Looking for 2.5k linear pots

    Pretty good article!
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    Using Simple JFET Buffer to build a Buffer Patchbay

    I've had no issues with pedalpcb's jfet buffer boards. They have all worked great. Like you said, they are intended to be used in conjuction with effects boards that have power filtering.