'75 FUZZ (Muffin Fuzz/Stomp '75)


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Just as I was about to send the Quarantine kit from my contest, @Chuck D. Bones (thanks again for the guidance on this)! let me know that the board was not a standard Quarantine board but a Muffin Fuzz in the shape of what was to become the Quarantine.
So as @giovanni didn't mind waiting for the board to be back in stock so I can send him the Kit with the right stuff included, I decided to build the "Stomp '75" variant while I wait for various parts for other builds and troubleshooting.
As Chuck suggested, I left R18 out so there's less bass-cut above noon. It's nice, but I don't really think I'm a muff guy, and I have other flavors of Fuzz I prefer + some other on the to-build shelf.
On the UV print front, I played a bit with gradient lately, and they come out very well, especially with gloss on top. Some more examples on coming builds.

IMG_9705.jpg IMG_9704.jpg