Bad DC Jacks


Hello, I was wondering if anyone else has experienced problems with these particular dc jacks. I already made a bunch of pedals and I find that almost half develop intermittent connections and if you wiggle them around, you can get issues. By contrast, the standard large battery connection type have never given me problems. I wanted to know if anyone else has come across this issue. Cheers.


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For me, depends on where I got them from. Tayda's felt a little rickety and sticky... I saw a few people recommend the one's that look identical from LMS (thinline lumberg). The LMS one's feel way sturdier in the builds I've made with them. Others have mentioned going for the costlier off-board components, like 1/4" and DC jacks, and I have been impressed. On a per-build basis, it's only a few bucks and it saves a ton of headaches.

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I do not mess with those unless they're actual lumberg. The cheap ones are not worth it for how many are faulty or hard to insert the plug.


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I've always bought that style from tayda and only had 1 fail.

They're a little tight at first, but always loosen up.


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I've never liked that style. Same issues. Connection is really tight but somehow still cuts out power when bumped. I think most knockoffs use a true 2.1mm center pin when other "standard" jacks use a 2mm.

Looking at Lumberg datasheets, the center pin is 2mm and also at 2degree angle. Good design, helps make good contact with the plug without being too tight. I have a few real Lumbergs around that I've never used. They look more solid than the knockoffs that every other store sells but ultimately I just like the bigger jacks more. Never have had a problem with them!
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I've used the no-names from LMS in four builds and they have been holding up so far. I decided to go for the Lumberg ones since I liked the no-names and the Lumbergs are a bit smaller and don't seem to hold as tightly (in a good way). I plan on using the Lumbergs from here on out because I like them so much. I do like that they are small and they don't have a switch (I'm not a battery guy), but I have heard a few times on here that people had bad experiences with them or didn't like them for one reason or another. I may be the only sucker pushing them right now, but I do like them!