Carl Martin - Greg Howe Lick Box / Plexitone


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I have the old 2 channel plexitone but the lack of volume and tone controls meant I stopped using it for years. I just got a CM Greg Howe Lick Box which seems like a version of the old Plexitone but with individual volume and tone controls per channel.

However, a major problem is the switching. On the Plexitone there was a select button in the middle which allowed you to toggle between the Crunch and High Gain channels. On the Lick Box, you can select all or any channels, so to switch between the two, say Crunch is on, you have to hit the Crunch and High Gain buttons at the same time. This is awkward and can lead to you kicking the pots.

Does anyone know how I might modify the Lick Box to switch like the old Plexitone?

Two other things. The Boost is way over the top. If you move the pot clockwise a few degrees from all the way off to a little on, it's really loud....past 8 o' clock and it's unusable. Would it be as simple as changing the value of the pot to have a more usable range?

Third and final, on the crunch channel, at low gain, it's too dark. So I have the tone pot all the way to the right. Is there anything I can do to brighten up the channel?

But the key thing is the switching!

PS - I have both pedals open in front of me now - the Lick Box was much harder to get into an apepars to have more going on.....potentially high res pics etc could be interesting to someone in exchange for some instructions on achieving what I'm looking for?