DEMO Covert Drive (Catlinbread DSL Mark III)

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Catching up on a couple recent builds.

I put this one together yesterday and thought it sounded like crap. Really muffled, wooly and bass-y.
First thought was that I did something wrong but doing a quick search I found some old threads where it seems I'm not the only one who felt this way,

I found a thread where @Chuck D. Bones recommended some mods. I only swapped one cap. C18 from 100nf to 22nf and it made a huge difference.

Still not my favorite MIAB but it sounds a lot better now. I'm finding that I'm not such a big fan of JFET based MU-style Marshall emulators.

I prefer opamp plus clippers like the Candid Drive (which I compared it to in the demo).

Oh, also when I was doing surgery on the pedal I was having a tough time getting the iron on the right pad and like an idiot grabbed the iron by the shank.
Got a nice burn on my left index finger. So the demo is mostly power chords with a bandaid heh.


edit: EGADS! I just noticed the crooked e-cap....I'm so ashamed......


I've also finally settled on the final (I think) set of pickups for my SG. I put a set of Wolfetone Legends in it. I think it sounds pretty good.

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I just did the same thing! Was removing a pot I accidentally touched the shaft of the iron with my ring finger. Burned like hell.

Anyway, great, clean build like usual! Great build and great demo. Those PUPs sound great.