DAM Red Rooster (PPCB Chickenhead) and JHS Haunting Mids (PPCB Maleficent Mids)


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I got a new amp recently, Mesa Mark V 35, and I’m in the process of learning what works well with it, especially the high gain channel. I bumped these two up to the front of my queue to give me some tonal options.

My guitar is really mid forward (Suhr SSH+ bridge) and the Mark amps are mid heavy too, which why you see the ‘V’ so often on the EQ. I might end up getting a GFI Enieqma to run directly in front of the amp… anyway.

I picked up most of the PPCB DAM boards and the Red Rooster is the first I’ve built so far. I used the first MP38 I grabbed out of my stash and it sounds good but I’ll likely audition some more. Classy classic treble booster. I think this might earn a permanent spot on the board.

The Haunting Mids, when boosting in high mode is a great clean (actually clean) drive. I need more time with it, but it would seem to be a useful tool to have on the board pre or post dirt.

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