"Express Lane" Pedals

Feral Feline

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Stumbled on this thread because I was looking for more Manhattan-build projects...

I like the Em Drive and BazzFuss mentioned, and you can build the Buzzbox (2 BazzFusses) and Em Drive in one build and still be under the 15 Items or Less Dictum! Also, since we're talking Em Drive, the Emerson Paramount is worth including here.

Some more for the Express Bass Lane...

Hog's Foot/Mole (]LPB-1 already mentioned, but the Hog/Mole has a few more parts)

Neckbeard — a switchable FuzzFace/Tonebender circuit in one. One of the caps is mounted on a switch, so 15 parts on the board, but does the cap on the switch disqualify it?

Woolly Mammoth

Os Mutantes (at least one schematic I've seen qualifies it)

Sogrado Poblano Picosso


Apollo Treble/Bass Booster

Hornby Skewes Treble/Bass Booster

EQD Bellows (great BazzFuss variant)

The Great Destroyer

Escobedo's LOFOMOFO

BJFE Baby Pink Booster (I think? Does the CLR and or/the LED count?)

Buff N Blend

Cornish Buffer

Amptweaker's Defizzerator

If I had to pick just one, I guess it'd be ...