Heat Shrink Size


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I'm am idiot when it comes visualizing sizes, numbers in general, measuring, etc. (which is probably why I can't survive without drill templates), so here comes a dumb question: What size heat shrink do I need to get for general build use with 24 or 22 awg wiring? Going to make a Tayda order here and I don't want buy just random sizes.
I use 1/16” (1.5mm) when I am soldering two wires or a resistor in line with a wire. Where I want the heat shrink to be big enough to go over, say, the lug of a potentiometer or jack where I have soldered the wire, I use 1/8” (3 mm).
I bought a short piece of each size from Tayda to keep near my bench as a reference for future orders.

Did a similar thing for the hex standoffs and nuts/screws.

Now if I could just stop using my "samples" when I'm in a hurry... :rolleyes: :ROFLMAO: