Low Tide - what differences are on the revision?


I got a Low Tide PCB last month and I have had some issues getting all the parts so I put it on the back burner.

Today I opened up the Low Tide document and it looks like it was just updated (today actually) - if anyone in the know happens to know what the differences are.. What are they? I see some things got rotated 90/180 degrees compared to the one I have but I'm not sure if any values got changed or parts got added/removed.

Probably a silly question but if there was a revision I imagine something changed I am not noticing..

Thanks gang!

Feral Feline

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I'm fairly sure the circuit remains unchanged, changes are probably just Mr PedalPCB fine-tuning the layout.

What I'd like to see on a future revision, is a bit of the board carved out just above the RATE knob, that would make it easier to fit other power-jacks there than the spec'd one. I drilled my enclosure's jack-orifice too far away from the lip and had to whittle my usual power-jack down and ream out the hole towards the lip... I think it'll work.

I'd have hacked away some of the board myself, but I don't know what traces I'd be mutilating in doing so; my suggestion above may not be possible due to limited space available to run traces.