Percolation Station -> Karma Suture (sort of)


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Well I've got my order on the way. Ordered from Stomp Box Parts. Enough for like 10 of those things haha. Anyways, now I need to order my enclosures. Any idea where I can get some from? Preference for powder coated?

Chuck D. Bones

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Tayda. Most of the enclosures you see in the Build Reports came from Tayda. Pay the extra couple of bucks for DHL shipping. If you are cheap (and patient), wait for their next 15% off coupon.
Small Bear is also a very good source for enclosures, but they are offline at the moment.
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Awesome stuff, thanks yet again for sharing all that stuff and writing it up! I'm getting more curious about this circuit now, just not sure how the tones would work for me.... but I guess I gotta put it on the list and find out!

Chuck D. Bones

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The top Vero has one cut between the orange trace and the magenta trace.

The bottom Vero has one cut between the orange trace & the blue trace.

You also need to bridge pad Dn1 to pad Dn2 with a jumper.

Is this your first Vero?