Six string stinger help (tone control)


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Built a six string singer pedal. I’m however not totally satisfied. Its very dark/muddy even with the filter/tone on max. The filter knob also acts a bit strange. In addition to adding base it also adds a lot of volume when turning it counter clockwise.

Any tips what can be wrong or to brighten it up?


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The tone control is a Big Muff tone control. You could use the Duncan Tone stack calculator and figure out a mod.


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Ok, Will check that out.

Any of you guys that have any experience with this pedal. Is it very dark in general?
I find it unusable with the filter/tone less Than 3o’clock and its still quite dark


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I built one and hated it. Tried to put a switch in to adjust the scoop of the tone control, but with little effect. From my brief time with the circuit I remember that the gain sort of acts like a guitar volume control in the sense that there was a lot of treble loss below noon on the gain control. Usually the silkscreen values are assumed to be the correct ones.