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TLDR: this is by far the most I've ever used the volume knob on my guitar.

Where does one start with a special porpoise build report..? So when I saw someone describe this circuit as a fuzz factoried Percolator I decided to grab one and a Percolatio Station for comparison/ frame of reference as I hadn't built one yet. Not much of a comparison to be made though, the venn diagram of the toans of those two circuits has no overlap.

I grabbed an MP40 with similar hfe as I had used on the HP and the porpoise fired up right away. I socketed the diode but didn't hear a big difference between the ones that worked. Hard to say with such a batshit sounding circuit but diode changes either made little difference or didn't pass signal.

It does all the things as advertised. At its most conservative setting you get dirty tremolo that responds to every little adjustment of your instrument volume, toan, and pickup selector. It can be really musical in specific ways, playing lines that end on long notes that fade into tremolo is pretty sweet. Crank it up and it's all kinds of chirps, oscillation, and yes, dolphin calls that emerge from your decaying notes.

It seems obvious to say it but it's best used with guitar. It's still fun on bass but lows go bye bye. I also understand why @Robert said it's not his thing. It's not going to be most people's thing. That's okay because it's very much my thing. So to my fellow fans of chaos, GO BUILD ONE. It's a good time.

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