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I'm massively interested in the FXCore chip and am trying to actively make some designs. I just wish more people knew about this. It's 24bit/96kHz capable as well.

FXCore can store up to 16 programs and their associated register preset values in its internal FLASH memory so no external program storage is required. By storing preset values in the program header the designer does not need to use instructions just to set initial values.

With 6 potentiometer inputs and 5 switch inputs programs may have real time variable parameters and options such as chorus depth or number of stages in a phasor.

Integrated digital LFOs, ramps and noise generator allows designers to easily program phasors, flangers, chorus and other effects.

You can find more about it here:
That's fantastic! No, I moved on to building EM-5 Clones as there is a large demand at present. If I can help in any way let me know. However, I have no idea how to program assembly at all. I know a little bit of C++ and Python, but I'm very good at figuring things out, especially when it comes to computers. Have you started a GitHub?
I have the dev board now and the toolchain set up and I have successfully flashed a few programs. It's so nice to not have to use that clunky Spin ASM thing from 10 years ago any longer. The instruction set is pretty straightforward if you already know the fv1.

I also ordered one of the modules from electric canary which I should be able to hack into some kind of stripboard prototype.

Is there a forum or a discord or whatever anywhere with more people working on this and does Frank hang out there?
I tried getting started with my dev board a few times, but it’s definitely beyond my current capabilities. Need to learn a bit more about the basics, and probably just work on stuff for FV-1 more to get a better grasp of the basics
lulz dammit

I bought a brand new mini usb cable to use with this board and it turns out it was bad. It had a short, I think. Board still works but I think it fried the usb interface IC. I ordered a FT232 breakout from AdaFruit which I think I can use to program it and it may still be salvageable.

I guess I will cook up the fv1 programs I promised instead while waiting for this.