The Monk Vibe: A Modernized Univibe

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First, let me give major thanks to @Chuck D. Bones for his support in developing and giving critical input on this design.

Second, let me thank @Robert, who has continued to field my stupid questions, helped me to understand the finer points of PCB Design and allowed me to use a modified stacked PCB form of the Electrovibe Mini as a base for this project.

I get a shit ton of questions about the Electrovibe and that's all my fault for starting the Electrovibe Mods thread. For starters, I'm NOT an expert on Univibes. I certainly know quite a bit about setting them up and tweaking them for specific tones, but there are far more knowledgeable people than me.

The modifications to the Stock Univibe circuit shown here are mostly achievable on the Pedal PCB boards and I'll discuss a truncated set of Electrovibe mods here as well.

Here is the Audio Portion:


Here is the LFO Portion:


I do not have the LFO PCB completed as of yet. I'm using an external Offset control and there is no C/V switch. I'm using Chuck's simple relay bypass but you can simplify and use standard 3PDT switching as well.

Note that there is no standard Bypass LED indicator and the Rate LED is switched as the indicator.

UV Design:


Please see the revised Electrovibe Mods Thread for my updated ideas on the standard circuit: Electrovibe Modifications Thread

Full disclosure: I still plan on bringing this device to market but had MAJOR apprehensions, especially considering Dave and Robert's contributions, about doing so without first releasing the major info to the forum.

Bad for business but good for my conscience.

Okay, let's discuss.......


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This looks really good! I've always wondered if the the decoupling caps just before the individual photocells are necessary but I've never bothered to find out.
The absolute love for sharing this. I will try and make a SMT version of this for my own use, but that's going to be a while.. and I definitely won't open source the layout!

I like the layout as well, nice and efficient. If you want a SMT DipTrace layout of the relay, let me know!
Awesome. That’s very cool of you to do. 👍

Well in all fairness, I got a lot of input from @Chuck D. Bones and @Robert so it would have felt gross to profit mightily off that.

I'm working on something different for sale under the BMEDC brand that is less in the traditional Bulb/LDR arena. I can't compete on price in that style anyway, which was another thing that came out of this.