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    I built another thing.

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    I built a thing

    No, it'a all good.
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    I built a thing

    Fuzz Factory, AionFX
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    Fig's Bench

    I have the same light, I am gonna get this thingy to make my life better!
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    Heavy Rain "Acid Rain Fuzz"

    Had to build another one of these, one of my faves!
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    SOLVED Hydra Delay: No Delay

    I agree with JamieJ on not starting to replace components yet. I would definitely reflow the solder first and touch up around the FV-1. Then see if you get any wet signal straight from the chip using an audio probe. Most likely you have a cold solder joint somewhere.
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    Zeppelin Labs Quaverato Harmonic Tremolo Pedal

    Anyone know of the best settings?
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    Zeppelin Labs Quaverato Harmonic Tremolo Pedal

    A great tremolo pedal, I highly recommend!
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    Breadboard Simulator Software

    Alice Bowie
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    Breadboard Simulator Software

    The trees will burn, but I don't care. I'll sit by the microwave and lose all my hair.
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    Fig's Bench

    I still use Paint.NET, been too lazy to learn Affinity. lol.
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    Fig's Bench

    If you use Panasonic, betta not flaunt it! 🎶
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    Build wont pass signal, LED doesn't light, basically nothing.

    Those ribbon cables can break internally pretty easily. Check the continuity between the PCB and the 3PDT switch.
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    Low Tide Issues

    I worked on this a few months ago, was busy with work and put it aside. Seems like I am getting the proper voltages to the ICs and transistors and have gone over the resistor values. I did note that I need to replace R11 as I only have a 10k for some reason in there now, also R15 I put in a 15k...