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    CONTEST TC1 - Oh my TVC15

    Another generous contest... I'll leave it to others to get lucky, I have a similar small tester. Good luck folks!
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    Secret Invasion Preamp

    Great stuff, need to build one too!
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    More jokes

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    Guitar room walkthrough,

    Have you changed the strings lately...? Very nice, I'll book mark this for my partner, makes my music room look like a cleaning cabinet.
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    Send Help!

    And the live shows episode 100 and 101 were such a treat...
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    Send Help!

    Tom is amazing indeed, and his videos are gold. Never heard of him until he started doing the videos, what a find. Another great player with good videos to check out is Josh Smith IMO.
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    I would be very surprised if they would make the pots themselves, I bet it's outsourced like most of that sort of stuff in manufacturing. Like many guitar brands have guitars made to their specs and names on in other big factories like Cort (which I believe is the biggest guitar manufacturer in...
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    I've read on the net (yeah I know it must be true then... right?) that there's apparently three different factories in Asia that make pots under the brand name Alpha. Hmmmm. I never had a problem as such with any of those apart from human screw up error; I managed to pull a shaft out of an Alpha...
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    Inject Drive Custom Pedal - HANDWIRED

    Awesomesauce! Looks great!
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    Winter Soldier Green Russian Muff

    Excellent, comrade! It's a tank...
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    Analogman nkt red dot hfe

    ... and it does make me feel a bit better about some of the Russian transistors that measured a wee bit low.... they are now in sweet spot red dot NKT unicorn farts territory.
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    Analogman nkt red dot hfe

    Next thing is to discuss the testing method used there and what the room temperature was... sigh...
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    Tayda UV Printing

    I just had a look at that pdf and when I open it shows only data on what you called 'layer 1'. There is nothing visible on gloss or white layers. You might have a problem there. Also, a bit nit picking, Tayda says to name the layers white/color/gloss.
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    Repo Fuzz

    And great modding of the board there, I might just add.
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    Repo Fuzz

    Looking forward to this.... after my initial goof up in my schematic endeavors...