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    Angry Andy+ in 1590BB

    Nice. There is hidden functionality in there, I bet with that amount of wire it does a delay in the milliseconds range.
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    What's on the workbench?

    So the mojo MUST be in the secret component drift and noise level of those carbon comp resistors, right? Right?
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    Earthquaker Devices Special Cranker

    Yes please!
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    Electric Ladyland / Mama Flanger / Witchdoctor

    Very purple, very tidy, very experienced! Noice!
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    I built a thing

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    Theseus Overdrive (4th and final...I think....KOT Clone....)

    Awesome, thanks for the in-depth write up! A man with a mission, accomplished!
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    Evil muffin

    Very nice! (I don't do memes... lol...)
  8. cooder Space Harp 3, a couple dragons and the dark lord

    Such cool builds, love that second Dragon there... ;)
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    Tantalum vs Electrolytic?

    I do think we need a definitive word or two on this from @Chuck D. Bones ... One difference to consider is also as far as I'm told (by Chuck...) is that Tanatlums have a better long term relibility and less leakage which can be crucial in some parts of design.
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    PedalPCB Electrovibe Mini

    Spiffin' build Tim! Where d you source mentioned 7532 LDRs? Component placement and Tanatlum straightness is a meditation in OCDness. Noice.
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    Dimension-C build (Aion Blueshift Spatial)

    Excellent build, what a mission!
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    EHX Sequencer Drum-Lectric-fx abacus

    Super clean.
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    Design Challenge #2.1 - The CMOS Overdrive Deluxe

    Thanks for the update! Seems easy enough to install on pot.
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    Wild stuff. The second video has some Super Mario qualities....