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    Really excellent, top shelf! For the design did you use a jpeg of cabinet or vector graphic or how did you do that? Cheers!
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    Tayda UV Printing

    Most excellent stuff there, looking great! I have my first ones ordered, can't wait to see how they turned out, twiddling thumbs as they seem quite busy and had holiday delays. Thanks for all the help here and inspiration, especially to dmncrawler for kicking this off and the tutorial and all...
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    A few websites and youtubers that deal with electronics

    All great stuff... thanks for sharing. Here's Rob Robinette with excellent stuff:
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    This Week on the Breadboard: A 4-stage FET Fuzz

    great stuff again! With the suggested cap, do you mean C7 the 100pF on Q3 to be larger or is that a typo? Maybe C5 on Q2? Just wondering...
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    StudioDaydream Dhyana

    Did I read the price on Reverb for that thing correctly...?!? F'n unreal.
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    Some Fuzzes: Pyrocumulus, Carbon Black, Depot

    Cheers Gents, will wrap my head more around that!
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    Some Fuzzes: Pyrocumulus, Carbon Black, Depot

    Cheers, yes I've been good and busy not too much time lately for building but getting back into it again. Yes I am trying to get my head around Affinity Designer and I have seen the walkthrough from pandemic, my head seems not getting quite as quick around it yet, I'm at the moment trying to...
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    StudioDaydream Dhyana

    So what is it a clone of? A Zendrive in new emperors clothing?
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    Some Fuzzes: Pyrocumulus, Carbon Black, Depot

    Also wondering, have you used Affinity Designer to create the files for Tayda? Cheers.
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    Some Fuzzes: Pyrocumulus, Carbon Black, Depot

    Awesome thanks again for the speedy reply and taking the time for the photo, perfect demo. I think I'll go for those knobs in 18mm, they seem to be great and a good combination between quality and price. And the comes 'shipping to NZ' around the corner...
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    So I bought a small cheap laser...

    How would this work on powder coated enclosures from Tayda.... me wonders...?
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    Some Fuzzes: Pyrocumulus, Carbon Black, Depot

    Thanks for quick reply! I see what you mean that the height can block the view to see text on pedal. At the same time I like knobs that go right down pretty close to enclosure with a standard 6.3mm pot shft, rather than hovering above the enclosure when the knob is a low height. So do these go...
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    Some Fuzzes: Pyrocumulus, Carbon Black, Depot

    .... also wondering if those are the LMS 'Brutalist' plastic knobs on there and how you are liking them in person? Looking great on photo! Like these here:
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    Some Fuzzes: Pyrocumulus, Carbon Black, Depot

    They look really fab inside out and I need to get my act together to trial that Tayda service! Very cool!
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    What's the Big Deal with Power Supplies?

    Thanks again for the dose of wisdom! So would it be a good idea to include a 10ohm resistor or similar small value on all designs we do or are there downsides to using that? On some designs you see 68 ohm, 100 ohm and stuff? How do the circuit designers determine that or do they pull it out of...