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Recent content by Devoureddeth

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    New Build - Coda Effects Black Hole

    Very nice I made one and I am excited to build a pedal friendly variant whenever it come out.
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    Hey BuGG, have you seen these?

    I would really like to turn some of these into pedals. The clouds looks super fun https://renbeeves.com/blog/modular/2018/06/17/mutable-instruments-schematics.html
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    Any Bass Players?

    I primarily play bass in heavier bands but these are great choices in general. Right now I am using a modded Morely Distortion as a overdrive with clipping options and adjustable bass into a Darkglass vintage. I have a B7K and the Alpha Ominicron, but they suck in a live mix IMO. The MXR bass...
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    Methods or tools to test SMD

    Been getting a lot of SMD pedals/amps needing repair, so my question is does anyone have any good methods of checking/testing components? Currently I am using a multimeter and I made a logic probe for digital sections. I just feel like there has to be a better way. Appreciate the help.
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    New Relay Bypass Module (Instant Switching)

    I guess you can make an easy looper now. Lots of possibilities.
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    What are you listening to?

    Listening to some mellow stuff https://pallbearer.bandcamp.com/track/dancing-in-madness And love the Audiotree recordings https://audiotree.bandcamp.com/track/fallow-state
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    Way Huge Russian Pickle

    It is like a Russian Muff in the limited tracing I have done, currently there is no schematic. The issue was the CPH5524 which is a NPN/PNP dual transistor. I just removed it and jumped it, seems like that whole circuit is for polarity protection. Wish I could find a schematic for just that...
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    Way Huge Russian Pickle

    I got a free broken Way Huge Russian Pickle I figured I would ask before I start reinventing the wheel. Is anyone familiar or could point me in the direction of the power circuit used in Dunlop/Way Huge pedals? What I have found is that the yellow trace connects to ground the only component that...
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    Greengage whine

    I realized I used MAX 1044, which may explain it, I had some leftover from another build. I will swap this out seems like this is a similar issue people have had with this IC. I may try a 7660SCPAZ, to see it this helps.
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    Greengage whine

    Maybe I will try this as well
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    Greengage whine

    I have experienced this issue as well I received mine from Mouser. I don't notice it in a live setting, but practicing it is a bit annoying I figured it was the TC1044S I have been told that you shouldn't socket them but I am not sure how true that is.
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    Prunes and custard

    As someone who gigs I have difficulty justifying such huge pedals. They seem like cool builds just way too big.
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    Abider (Dude Clone) Really Bright

    It is weird that the schematic makes me want to build it now. Can never have enough overdrives.
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    Looper Pedal

    There are many $30 Dittos with broken switches on Ebay take the leap.
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    Actual Overdrive Jr?

    So terrible that boutique company essentially made their pedal as a boutique pedal and no one noticed.