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    The Raincoat for all you perverts.

    I feel like the muff is a bit too squishy in the front of the note to really nail that Gilmour tone, but the demo was great!!
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    '75 FUZZ (Muffin Fuzz/Stomp '75)

    That looks ace!
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    EHX QTron Plus

    Or any awesome envelope filter with effect loop. I have seen diy pcbs for something like that (I forget from which vendor) but I would appreciate a PPCB one!
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    Copilot Autodialer

    I would love to get a pcb for this!
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    Super Heterodyne Receiver

    I haven’t noticed any ticking, I’ll try it again tomorrow and let you know.
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    Trouble with Mr. Squishy

    I think the grounding thing is more of a next level topic that doesn’t come up until you really understand circuit design, noise, and a bit of electromagnetism. As far as how to understand circuits, it can take some studying to get there. I studied EE and that foundation is really helpful. Not...
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    Super Heterodyne Receiver

    This build went very smooth until I started populating switches and pots. First I messed up the breakout board (I soldered it upside down) and had to desolder it which was a bit of a pain and I was worried that one of the traces had lifted. Luckily it was fine. Second, I didn't check the switch...
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    SOLVED Switches too tall?

    I definitely shipped those tabs on the rotary switches (besides, I have the opposite problem: rotary switches too short). In other news, I had an epiphany last night where I realized that I could take off the extra nuts from the spdt switches to lower the clearance and that worked perfectly (I...
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    SOLVED Switches too tall?

    I am working on a Super Heterodyne Receiver buid and I found that the rotary switches are not as tall as the other switches (dpdt and spdt). This didn’t happen to me with other builds, eg, the Conqueror Supreme, so I wonder if the switches I got are somehow too tall or if I made some other...
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    Comprehensive Drive

    3 build reports in one day? What am I doing with my time?!? ;)
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    Super Heterodyne Receiver

    I have a question if you don't mind: I find that the rotary switches are not as tall as the other switches so either the nuts can't be tightened all the way, or the leads can't reach the other side of the PCB. Did you run into this issue? If so, how did you fix it? I am thinking about putting...
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    Heat sink

    Thank you guys! I guess I’ll stop using it! It’ll make my life easier.
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    Delegate boneyard: any LED preference?

    Thank you Chuck! Can’t wait to try this out!
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    Black Mirror VII: Obsidius on steroids!

    Very cool! What does the blend do? Did you try DI?
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    How should I respond?

    I would also immediately contact eBay and get their advice. That’ll show your good faith to them and that you are willing to make this right, within reason (like you shouldn’t be taking a loss).