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    Missing Build Docs / Schematics

    Howdy! Anyone got a parts list for the Golden Falk?
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    Blender ( Fender Blender ) Tone Switch Question

    If anyone else has this one and could compare the tone control with the switch on/off I would really appreciate it!
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    Blender ( Fender Blender ) Tone Switch Question

    Hey! Just built this one up and I'm not sure if it's working quite right. I just wanted to ask about how my tone switch/control is behaving. When the LED is OFF the tone control works as I expect most tone controls to work. When the LED is ON the volume jumps and it sound different but the tone...
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    Clandestine Pre Biasing Question / Potential Issue

    Thanks for following up! I got the 2n5457 at Jameco (I think that's what it's called.) I do have a handful of others I can try to swap out to see if it's just a single dud or if they are all bogus. Is there a way to verify they are legit? I do have one of those LCR-T4 testers but I'm not sure...
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    Clandestine Pre Biasing Question / Potential Issue

    Alright! Let's answer these. I am using the pad to bias but just to be sure I checked D as well. The high end on the trimmer gets me to 20.8v The trimmer does say 503 on the side. I just double checked the resistors mentioned and they have the correct color bands. If I have to swap out a...
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    Clandestine Pre Biasing Question / Potential Issue

    Hello! I am fiddling with the Clandestine and was messing with the bias and I have a feeling it's not quite right. According to another thread it should be biased in the 12v ball part - the only issue is that if I turn the trim pot all the way down it can only make it to 17.2v. I also read a...
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    Pitch Witch - Volume drop or distorted when playing hard.

    Howdy! I built the Pitch Witch PCB recently and while all the controls work correctly the volume drops enough to be annoying. If I adjust the trim pot to where the volume is better the signal distorts if I play hard. Anyone else dealt with this issue? If so, how did you fix it? Maybe a...
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    How do I properly bias the Chop Shop (Barbershop)?

    Howdy! Just curious if anyone who has built or knows anything about this can help me figure out how to bias this correctly. I realize some of it will be to taste but ideally I could get it where it's supposed to be to start. Do I need to turn the sag all the way one way or the other first? And...
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    Sherwood Treble - Bright Even When Turned Down

    Yeah for sure, I always use those plastic covers on my pots if they are definitely going to be close to the pcb.. I did all that stuff and checked values of everything. I changed up my search on here (I think I was either looking up westwood or sherwood and I needed to look up the other) and...
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    Sherwood Treble - Bright Even When Turned Down

    Does anyone have any ideas for me to try? It's weird that its almost perfect but the treble cut doesn't seem to work.
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    Sherwood Treble - Bright Even When Turned Down

    That is a wonderful question! Now that I am really focused on it - it definitely boosts but doesn't seem to cut. Maybe I have a bad pot/cap/joint? Edit : I cleaned off the pcb a bit, re-heated the caps and pot I assume are the correct ones - didn't help. I took the pot off and made sure it was...
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    Sherwood Treble - Bright Even When Turned Down

    Hello! 👋 I built the Sherwood last night and everything seems to function but I think in general there is too much treble even with the knob turned all the way down. From what I can remember it should be pretty flat when the bass and treble are at noon but it seems like there is a presence (?)...
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    Mystery Machine OC79 - Where to buy/ Alternative?

    Hello pedal pals! I ordered a Mystery Machine PCB without looking at the parts list first and now I see I need a couple of germanium transistors. I have never had any luck finding germanium transistors for a decent price so I have avoided building anything that requires them. Is there a decent...
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    Conqueror Fuzz - Can I make it a bit louder?

    I did the ol' swapparoo. It did help me get it a bit closer to where I wanted it so I think this is going to be the "fix" I go with. I ended up being pacified enough to box it at least!