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    Black Mirror VII: Obsidius on steroids!

    The Blend controls the mix of the clean and drive tones. EQ gets applied to both but you can control how the drive is effected with the Grunt and Ultra-Hi switches. DI works well. It just takes the output and spits it out with a balanced signal that can be dropped into any board. I probably...
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    Closed Circuit Booster Limiter: Feel the power of Mjolnir!

    That probably explains why Angus Young and others use it. Seems the boost adds just a little something to the tone.
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    Byzantium parts list

    I used to bullseye wamprats back home. They’re not that much bigger than 7mm. 🤪
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    Andromeda Deluxe

    Noice! Built one of these myself to replace the original Andromeda I built before it. I'm surprised at just how different it is compared to the original. Can sound the same...but also go into different territory. Kind of an odd overdrive really...but in a good way.
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    Black Mirror VII: Obsidius on steroids!

    Finally finished this sucker today! Took a while with this one. Had a debacle over some REVV builds and ended up with some store credits on the PCB Guitar Mania site. I had already built an Obsidius Preamp but really wanted something closer to a Darkglass Microtubes B7K. Picked up a Black Mirror...
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    Univibe suggestions

    Got a Photon Vibe and EQD Depths clone. Both are good but differ a bit. Good for different things really. I debated on doing a Uni-Vibe clone but decided against it. EQD Depths can get really damn close. I might be persuaded to do a JHS Unicorn clone. That one is likely to be much, much...
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    Problem burning EEPROM with hex file from SpinIDE

    I used the drivers on this page: I installed the first two (USB to serial and multiprotocol interface driver). Worked for me. :D
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    Problem burning EEPROM with hex file from SpinIDE

    Lemme fine the link to the drivers I use. 🤪
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    Soldering Mat

    Tighty whities! 🤪
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    how to buy separate components instead of kit

    That's absurd. Dem sum wimpy caps der. You ain't a pedal builder till you use at least 1KV 100uF caps on your boards! :P
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    Soldering Mat

    This is the one I've been using lately: Had a blue one before this one. They're cheap so I don't feel bad if they don't last but 6 months.
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    Soldering Mat

    The ones ive been getting don’t seems to pick up static. Might need to find the link.
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    Hyped Fuzz (with fuzz mod)

    I like the extra fuzz setting. It's like having a third fuzz tone really. Kinda cool. Very usable. :D
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    Hyped Fuzz (with fuzz mod)

    Super easy mod. Just add jumpers on the two pins of the mode switch as shown on this thread: Other ends of the jumpers go to the middle pin and any outside pin of a SPDT on-on switch...