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    Angry Charles

    Is it similar?
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    Drive 55

    Catalibread drive pedal is not easy to make. I made it with the same parts as the original as much as possible. The result is awesome.
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    Electro Vibe Build Report Video

    I tried already this Mod on Photonvibe. If you change both resistors, speed is much faster than before. However, the speed knob response is delayed. When you rotate the speed knob, speed will not change immediately. Both 4.7k resistors are R14 & R15.
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    Electro Vibe Build Report Video

    I have experience making Phase 90 from BYOC. BYOC's Phase 90 kit have 6 of UA741 opamp chips and speed is so slow. I changed opamp chip to LM741 and speed is more fast like any other Phase 90 pedals. Can this method be applied here as well?
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    Electro Vibe Build Report Video

    Maximum speed is not so fast.. Photonvibe was same too. It's disappointing.
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    Missing Build Docs / Schematics

    Finally, Electrovibe PCB is in my hand. I need a schematic and drill template. Plz~
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    Electrovibe Mockup Pedal

    Can I use L78L15, Silonex 7532 and 7371 lamp for this Vibe?
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    ElectroVibe - parts question

    No doc on website. Can I use L78L15, Silonex 7532 and 7371 lamp for this Vibe?
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    Paragon (KoT)

    Transitor is combination two diodes, so cut collector and use E-B like diode. That's it.
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    Photon Vibe

    Maximum on both.
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    Tyrian C6

    Sanguine, Malachite both pedal used 4.7nF but Tyrian used 2.2nF for C6. Has anyone ever replaced C6 with 4.7nF?
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    Bootleg OD

    Yes. I did.
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    Bootleg OD

    Does it look similar? Choose high hfe(280-290) 2n3904 TR. Low hfe(190-211) TR makes poor sound.
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    New production germaniums

    1n34a, 1n60 diode, too.
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    Bi-colour LED for Thermionic Deluxe Channel Select 1. Mid-leg of bicolor LED connect to "A" on PCB. 2. One of side leg connect to "K" on PCB - it's channel A. 3. The other side leg connect to No.8 pin on footswitch (middle of bottom row)- it's channel B. That's how I build.