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    Timmy's (Tommy III and more)

    What did she use for the black paint? Was it direct onto a powder coated box then clear coated? She is very talented. I can totally see you wanting to commission her for more. Kid's got the knack!
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    Helping Hands - Is it worth it?

    I'm a fan of the Quad Hands. Also, I put my spool of solder on one of the arms and that helps keep things close. Whatever you end up getting be sure to add something to the jaws of the clips that can protect the PCB. The teeth of those things can chew up the board pretty easily. Silicone tubing...
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    Paragon Build

    Super cool! Beautiful execution. I love that song Lady Luck by Richard Swift. Rip.
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    DIY Pedals - Parts Organization

    I use plastic parts drawers. Each drawer has a slot to add a divider and I used cut cardboard in that place where needed. I made labels on the P-Touch which are removable so I can reorganize or add new values if needed.
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    Audio Probe Build - Some Thoughts

    Same. I like it!
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    SOLVED Triangle Muffin problems..

    To clean the board, read this (scroll down to figure 16):
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    Basic Workflow Tips for Building a PedalPCB

    If your soldering technique is solid and you are happy with the results you are getting then flux is not necessary. This tutorial was intended for absolute beginners so if one is not confident in their abilities or is not utilizing an ideal setup of tools or ingredients, then flux is simply...
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    Basic Workflow Tips for Building a PedalPCB

    Good Idea! My workbench is disassembled and all in boxes though. Moving to a new state (Oregon). Might be awhile til I get to take a photo. But, I'll add it as a step in there somewhere!
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    SOLVED Cataclysm Jr. Hum, no signal

    Glad to help! ?
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    Quarantine effects

    All dollars and no (spidey) cents
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    capacitor pcb symbols

    I used MLCC there. Ceramic works too. Generally, everything under 1n can be MLCC
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    What would you put in this enclosure?

    That's super rad looking! I like the AMZ mini boost for it's one knob simplicity. I used a diy vero one for years and it was perfectly simple for running before or after gain stages to saturate or boost as needed. No frills, pure utility, and sounded clean...and boosty.
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    About to drill my first enclosure...anything I should know?

    I once bought a similar set but only used the 1/8-1/2". I've since just purchased singles of em.
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    Insulated vs non-insulated jacks

    CDB has definitely helped a lot of us cope with some issues. And he's perfectly legal in California.
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    SOLVED Cataclysm Jr. Hum, no signal

    Very cool! Yeah, that definitely sounds like it could be the problem. Niiice. Keep us posted!