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    What can I run at 18 volts? or should I ask what not to run at 18 volts

    18 volts. This is a grey area for me. I'd like to understand it a little better. I understand not to run pedals at 18 volts if you use 16v caps. If I only use 35v-50v, can I run these pedals at 18 volts? If it has a charge pump, that's a no, no right? If its some sort of fuzz pedal were...
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    Small Bear shutting down

    Damn, I'd grab odds and ends from SB even tho the shipping costs to OZ was terrible. Not sure where I'm gonna grab Fairchild PF5102 from now :( . Hopefully someone can point me elsewhere.
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    Paragon Distortion Mode Not Working

    That seems very strange. Can you please remove the 2 distortion clipping diodes and report. Engaging the distortion only adds the clipping via the diodes to VREF.
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    Brown Betty trimpot/gain knob stuck between high gain and really high gain

    Are your electrolytic caps installed backwards? Or am I seeing things?
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    Thermionic Distortion Build Troubleshooting

    The LEDs on the right do light up. But only if you max the trim pot and hit your strings hard.
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    Lovepedal (Eternal) Eternity Burst

    No using Pafs and singles.
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    Lovepedal (Eternal) Eternity Burst

    I finished an Eternal Burst and found the Level and drive difficult to dial in compared to other pedals. First the Drive Knob seemed maxed out and not do much after about 11 O'clock. So I swapped the standard B500k pot to a A500k pot. That fixed that issue. Second was the Level. Unity was at...
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    Problems with Woodpecker Tremolo build.

    I get my 2n6027 from Smallbear. Yes shipping costs are stupid to Australia. But never had an issue with their items. As far as your issue I'm unsure but, understand this. With the Depth control all the...
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    Electrovibe Mockup Pedal

    Can you please link the Lamps from Tayda? Can you use LEDs at all? Or where you recommend getting them from? Thanks
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    JFET Biasing - part 1

    No I didn't get around to it. The T0-92 j201s aren't available now. so SMD is it. You can find them, but I don't believe they're worth it. Your board is the newer version. with the added j201 SMD pad option on the board, behind the pre-soldered J201s. I have both boards with the same issue. so...
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    Tayda Shipping

    DHL have pull out till the end of year for Australia. From Hugo. Hugo Tayda 12 Jul, 09:13 Hello, Good day, I am sorry last week DHL said they ran out of flights and suspended services partially. DHL say their problem will be like this...
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    This Week on the Breadboard: Blues Driver BD-2 & BD-2w - part 2

    That's Fantastic. I'd love to see your changes to the parts list of the cobalt for one, the 'I only want a BD-2w', and two, a Boneyard's Waza. Well done!
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    Guilty pleasure music - GO!

    Silverchairs first 2 albums. They're a year older then me, and living in Australia I knew that's what I wanted to do when I was 14. They showed me the basics in guitar as it's all fairly simple.
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    JFET Biasing - part 1

    Very helpful Chuck. As I'm having sound issues with the Six String Stinger. It sounds as tho the speakers have a blanket over them. I even made another one with the same results. I brought Jfets from Mouser. Do I need to bias them? If so how? Thanks
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    18v explained please.

    When can you use 18v on a pedal? Do you require to check or install 18v/25v/35v or above electrolytic capacitors? Also what difference does a charge pump affect when using 18v ? I'm guessing a charge pump converts 9v to 18v, but does that mean 18v converts higher? Thanks in advance.