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    PedalPCB Nucleus

    Beautiful job, as always! Compared to other distortions/drives, how much gain would you say this one has? The 3 mu-amps have me a bit scared
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    Virgil Overdrive substitutions…

    About the fet, I think you can replace the j201 with a J113, since it's acting as a source follower Your math is correct, but not entirely: the cutoff frequency of a 1k-6n8 lpf is indeed ~23khz. However, a 1st order lpf begins attenuating before said frequency. If I'm not mistaken, the cutoff...
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    2SK118Y Replacement?

    You're right, pinout is the same, but I think they have a different footprint, like those two: The sk118 looks like the one on the right, and I think (never had one in my hands, though) that the sk30 looks like the one on the left
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    2SK118Y Replacement?

    That's true! I had forgotten about the 2sk30! It's just a different package, if I'm not mistaken
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    2SK118Y Replacement?

    The 2sk208 is the smd equivalent of the 2sk118 and it's still in production. Both mouser and digikey carry the 2sk208-Y (as does aliexpress, not sure if it's worth it, though). You could buy it and use an adapter board
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    Virile Boost (Fuchs Plush Pure Gain)

    I've been there, I know your pain
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    Virile Boost (Fuchs Plush Pure Gain)

    Nice job! Clean as always! Have you had to twist the knobs on the transistors? I thought the pinout on the J113s was differente from the pinout on the 2sk170s, but it doesn't look like you did
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    Virile Boost (Fuchs Pure Gain) 2sk170

    In terms of Vgs(off) the 2sk209 (available in smd still in production) is an exact match to the 2sk170 (they both range from -0.2 to -1.5). It would be important to know the suffix on the 2sk170 in order to get a similar Idss. The pf5102 might not be a bad match either (but the pinout is...
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    CD4050 vs CD4049 & signal-inversion perversion

    I think so, as long as phase inversion (or lack thereof) is not a problem
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    CD4050 vs CD4049 & signal-inversion perversion

    I recall a discussion a while back in which it was concluded that the CD4050 won't work as an audio amplifier Edit: found it
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    Collateral FX Foo Driver (Hotcake content)

    Beautiful work! That box is amazing!! Is it 125B sized?
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    Rockerverb inspired fet-preamp

    I'll try to record some today at band practice
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    1985 - Year of the Rat

    Great job, Guilherme! Looks amazing!
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    Delegate (Warden) Upgrades

    I'm more interested in the envelope detector part of the circuit, actually. I'm trying a discrete jfet approach for the gain stage. Let's see how it works out
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    Delegate (Warden) Upgrades

    Just did what you said and it passes the test, thanks a lot!! I'll finish laying it on the breadboard and listen to how it sounds