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    2 Loop Switcher with Flip-Flop? (Quartermaster 2)

    Also, looking at it again, the link between the two "from B" connections is redundant... or keep the link and get rid of one of the wires. Sorry to hijack!!
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    2 Loop Switcher with Flip-Flop? (Quartermaster 2)

    That's what I assumed - maybe gig rig call it "ping pong"?
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    2 Loop Switcher with Flip-Flop? (Quartermaster 2)

    I mean relays are probably easier at that point, but it was a fun logic puzzle.
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    2 Loop Switcher with Flip-Flop? (Quartermaster 2)

    I tried to diagram it out a few months ago and I think I got it correct, but I'm 90% sure you can do flip-flop A or B / A into B with two switches. I didn't actually build it, but if it does work It'd be easy enough add bypass around that on a third switch.
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    2 Loop Switcher with Flip-Flop? (Quartermaster 2)

    Maybe just get an ES-8
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    2 Loop Switcher with Flip-Flop? (Quartermaster 2)

    I think that should work for a flip-flop a/b with global on/off. Black is ground - I'd star ground it just in case there are loops somewhere.
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    2 Loop Switcher with Flip-Flop? (Quartermaster 2)

    Are you specifically looking for a relay-based thing, or do you just want an A/B w/ on/off? That's pretty straightforward with mechanical switches.
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    Does the Marsh Fuzz really need all that filtering?

    Using an electrolytic (like the 220uF) and an MLCC (like the 100nF) in the power filtering is pretty common, as they're filtering different things. Why there are multiple 220uFs in the power filtering section is beyond me, but one thought might be that they make sense on the original PCB...
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    BIAS adjustment for FET style drives using a POT?

    An easier way to get a similar outcome might be to bias the circuit 'properly' via the trimpots and then install a simple voltage starve pot; then you'd be adjusting voltage across all of the JFETs at the same time rather than having 2 or 3 external bias trims. It might sound cool in some...
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    Tone Vendor mkII Veroboard

    Maybe start here if you haven't already?
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    Pedal popping fixes??

    I'd remove the LED from the PCB; wire power and ground from the DC jack to the PCB as usual; omit the LED connection to the footswitch from the PCB; then wire everything else as shown in the diagram. If you're not familiar with vero builds this would be a pretty easy one to start with.
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    Lumberg VS SBP house brand power jacks

    Maybe this is obvious but did you by any chance buy DC jacks with metal sleeves? Those will short out against the enclosure.
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    Pedal popping fixes??

    This worked for me when nothing else would. It's super simple...
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    Earthquaker Devices Special Cranker

    It's an LPF.