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    Elk / Super Fuzz Sustainar (Big Muff)

    I think it's sort of relative—there's a pronounced mid scoop throughout almost the entire lower half of the tone knobs range on the elk that isn't there on the traditional BMP. The absence of upper mids is going to make the high end stand out. Elk @ 50%, 25%, full CCW: BMP at @50%, 25%, full CCW:
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    Using trimmers in place of pots

    I've found those multi-turn cermets to be kind of fragile, but maybe I just bought cheap ones? It's easy to dial them past the stop on either end and break them.
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    Elk / Super Fuzz Sustainar (Big Muff)

    Big Muff: Elk: Red is full CW, green is 12:00, black is full CCW.
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    Elk / Super Fuzz Sustainar (Big Muff)

    My understanding is that these have one "good" setting, aka the Boris setting w/ the tone full CCW. I found this to be true when I built a version on vero. You suddenly get a huge fuzz with a substantial volume boost, and it sounds fantastic.
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    PedalPCB Gnat mod - "The Dizzy Elk"

    @andy-h-h thanks for putting so much work into that site! it's such a fantastic resource.
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    Bellum Fuzz MKI Capictors Question

    Tayda has 100uF and 120nF caps in stock. They don't stock a 20nF cap, but you could probably use an 18 or 22nF and be fine or use two 10nF caps in parallel.
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    1590BX2 vs Intelligent Relay Bypass pcb...?

    Hi folks, Just curious if anyone has built up a loop switcher with relay bypass boards inside of a 1590BX2 enclosure. It looks like there should, on paper at least, be room for 4 boards. Just want to make sure that this is the case before I get too far ahead of myself. Thanks!
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    I can only hope that Malort is next.
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    Different resistor for LEDs

    0K resistor AKA masking tape is always a great mod
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    Solid Vs Stranded Wire

    Generic 22awg stranded from amazon with silicon housing over here. Floppy but fine.
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    Gauging Interest in Microphone Circuits

    I think as they're all going to the same place eventually it shouldn't really matter? I know there are a few audio circuits that are extremely fussy about not having continuous ground between stages, but I don't think this is one of them... I could very well be wrong though.
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    Lm318 for Parentheses

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    Lm318 for Parentheses

    I've A/B'd all the popular alternatives of rat opamps against a vintage LM308N model and there's absolutely no difference to my ears between any of them.
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    TSS80P soldering pen

    it seems like the firmware that comes with this model has the changes to the old version as stock options. Temp always on, 10deg change per tap, etc. I havent' dug too deep but I think you can set what temp it idles at and how long it waits before it goes into low temp mode. Seems cool.
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    TSS80P soldering pen

    My 14 year old weller iron finally bit the dust the other night, which is a pretty good run for a $20 tool that I bought at radio shack. I don't have a permanent work bench set up in my apartment, so a nice station isn't super convenient. After hearing some positive reviews on the forum about...