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    Showing off...

    Echo chamber, neato. Never played with one.
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    The window

    Sounds like noble toil. I'm definitely blessed with more space than I am time, funds or energy. I'm thankful for at least having one of the ingredients. I've been calling it "tool acquisition mode" which... who among us is NOT currently in tool acquisition mode? My next focus out there will...
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    The window

    42" height 48" across 26" deep Here it is currently in my garage. Between having to move out of our shared shop into our garages (several towns apart) a few years ago, both of us having kids, and now covid... there's not a ton happening on my bench. Admittedly before covid, most of that...
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    The window

    Yes, my lutherie bench. It was actually built for me by my luthier friend that got me into the craft. He saw me super hunched carving a neck at his bench, I'm over 6'4". The next day I came to his shop, another was just sitting next to his with its own vise and lighting similar to his but 5...
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    The window

    Can relate as I also have no windows in my solder therapy cave/ rehearsal space/ laundry room. Thankfully both my hands are currently functioning, though chronic back pain keeps me from doing as much as I want. Hopefully you'll be back to making holes in stuff soon.
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    Tayda EP Booster - lil pedal, big tone

    This is great, everybody loves a big knob.
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    So as a person who chose a zappa lyric as my name here, I had no choice but to make this. The more I've been playing with this the more it seems a very useful studio tool. Fun to stack with my dirty circuits. Another fantastic project!
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    Fat fuzz factory

    Another moonn board, heavy machinery. I like this one a lot. I'm not a big germanium fuzz guy, I enjoy not obsess but I need to wet my beak with fancy parts occasionally. Graphic is another 70s psychology textbook cover. This is the pair of transistors that I drenched in super glue over in the...
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    Random pix

    Friends, if you find a place that makes their own mushu wraps and soup dumplings, never let them go under. I've seen a lot of amazing restaurants shuttered this year. I won't recover if we lose this one. Hug your chefs, they love you. Dumplings not pictured because waiting on soup dumplings...
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    House hold resources...

    I once suggested to a rapper friend of mine that he go with the name M.C. Diff but he wasn't down. Also, I really hope she didn't actually give you those. .
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    House hold resources...

    Bring back fun stuff in scrub pockets!
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    Rig Run Down Clapton

    Having lunch with my daughter's preschool class at the local pumpkin patch. They've been piping in classic rock. Should've known Layla would make an appearance.
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    Leprechaun Questions

    That seems fine as far as I know but I'm fairly low in the hierarchy of people who know stuff around here. If my memory serves me I think a dpdt momentary would work if that's all you have. I let the magic flow with my leprechaun. I'd assume the reason for using the relay is so you can keep...
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    Rig Run Down Clapton

    Bring back Rebecca Dirks! She did a pseudo pedal news show for a minute but then disappeared.