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    Wonky expression pedal fantasy

    That definitely sounds interesting.
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    Wonky expression pedal fantasy

    I was looking into expression controllers to do multiple effects like the ehx double. The mission ep-25 pro aero does 3 at once which is very cool. What i'd like to be able to do is cycle with relays through having it control all 3 or one at a time while the others stay fixed. In a crybaby...
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    New Test Rig

    I use this one too. I've never been into ribbon connectors so that feature never gets utilized but this device has been good to me. I didn't know what an audio probe was when I bought it. Essential to me now.
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    MadBean Total Recall

    Seconded, I have zero regrets about upgrading to a gigrig power supply. Great products.
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    DEMO LowBaller (BassBalls) sound demo

    Congrats and fine work! Something something testicular fortitude. I just looked and you posted this exactly an hour before my board arrived.
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    Angry Andy+ in 1590BB

    The innards look tasty to me. I'm cooking up a 1590xx right now that's gonna be pastariffic.
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    Moonn Lo-Fran (Pedals for Ukraine)

    Looks like the auction is live! Ends on the 15th. Tell your bass players.
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    Plastic potentiometer bumper protector thingamajigymabob

    Why cut up regular insulators when you can just buy magnum?
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    Theseus Overdrive (4th and final...I think....KOT Clone....)

    But have you ever tried a bluesbreaker into those? 11 is the magic number.
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    How ugly is it allowed to be if it works?

    If it came with a parts list, I'd be interested. No expectations of troubleshooting attention.
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    Ramble FX Twin Bender Unprofessional MKII

    This reminds me, I have a lovepedal babyface tremolo that I'd let you trace if you wanted. Not sure if it's anything special inside but it's been my go to chop for a long time and it's "boutique." It's pretty much all i have laying around that you don't already offer a board for. Sodameiser with...
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    Phase II ASD awareness month

    I used to work as a skills trainer both in schools and the community, also residential treatment for a few years. There was a wide variety of diagnoses but a fair amount of them included autism/aspergers. Some of my most meaningful work experiences were interacting with those kids. Count me in...
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    So it begins...