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    Ibanez CS9

    I don't think it's that different from the CE-2, but when I AB'd my vintage CS9 vs the vintage CE-2 I borrowed I was surprised to find that I liked the CS9 way better. I would love to be able to build an extra one so that I didn't have to take mine to gigs and such since it's the only pedal I...
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    Screen Printing Process for Pedals Breakdown

    Wasn't sure exactly which forum to post this on so I can move it if need be. Last build report I posted I had some suggestions to put together some sort of tutorial on how I screen print my pedals and since I'm working on some new builds thought I'd try to document my process a bit. I don't...
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    ch341eeprom command not found

    I haven't yet but I could try that. I tried out one of those CH341 EEPROM burners I got off amazon but so far am getting the exact same error.
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    ch341eeprom command not found

    I dunno about the windows drivers but the mac driver seems to be the same one I already have. Thanks though!
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    Sourcing LM308s?

    Anyone got line on some legit LM308s right now? Currently waiting for more parts for my parentheses mini so I thought I might as well try to get an actual LM308 in the meantime.
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    ch341eeprom command not found

    The actual USB cable I'm using is the one from my Zoom U44 audio interface which does power and data, and when I use the interface it's always plugged into this UBC C dongle so I'm not sure that's the issue. When I look at it in system info it shows up as a USB 2.0 hub with the name of the...
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    ch341eeprom command not found

    I should clarify too I'm using a cheap-ish USB dongle to connect to my 2019 macbook pro that only has USB C style connections. I have a 2012 mbp kicking around somewhere that I could probably try using directly.
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    ch341eeprom command not found

    slightly different error: libusb: info [darwin_detach_kernel_driver] no capture entitlements. may not be able to detach the kernel driver for this device libusb: info [darwin_claim_interface] no interface found; setting configuration: 1 libusb: info [darwin_claim_interface] interface not found...
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    ch341eeprom command not found

    Oooooook so that's one step forward. Couldn't figure out where my ch341 executable was, turns out it was in my downloads folder. Moved it to a more convenient location, ran the command line code with the proper file paths and got a message saying I had to allow the executable in the security...
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    ch341eeprom command not found

    oh doi, that makes sense. Will try that later and report back!
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    ch341eeprom command not found

    Yeah there's nothing showing up in the security section about it. Can you explain the path thing a little simpler? In terminal I'm in the folder that my hex file is in. I tried going: sudo CHMOD +x ch341eeprom -s 24c32 -w Bank1Test.bin and it returned: CHMOD: ch341eeprom: No such file or...
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    ch341eeprom command not found

    Hey all, finally trying to get my FV1 dev board running on MacOS and I've hit a small hurdle. I installed everything here: I have SpinCAD running in java which I loaded some .spcd files into. I saved the bank as a hex file, used...
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    smallsound/bigsound mini

    Every now and then I think about doing a stripboard layout of one of these and then I think about the wiring and I'm like yeah nah. Looks great! Honestly better wiring job than most here would end up with probably.
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    Quick questions about new pcbs/builds

    I used to break apart the line of sockets and place them individually but lately I've started ordering these from digikey: They're really pricey for what they are but I haven't found anything else...
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    Analog Delay

    They can be challenging and expensive builds. Madbean has a bunch of analog delay builds though, I've built their DMM and absolutely love it.