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    100uf Tantalum 35V

    Every tant cap I have used for pedal building has had a +/- indicated by a nearly invisible (+) mark on the cap itself but also with the longer anode leg.
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    best method for noob to put graphics on pedal

    I've not actually experimented with this, yet. My results were so good without one that I didn't really see the need. I have some of that triple thick clear glaze from Krylon that I have had good results with in the past (It really seems to add some depth to whatever it's covering) and I just...
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    Bellum fuzz mkII germanium diodes

    I do something similar to the needle nose pliers method, but I use round nose jewelers' pliers instead because they give a nice, rounded bend.
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    R.I.P. Dusty Hill

    Dang. Thanks for stoppin' by, Dusty. You made the world a more rockin' place.
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    [CONTEST] Sandspur Fuzz Video

    I was going to vote for myself, but then I realized that my idea is terrible.
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    best method for noob to put graphics on pedal

    I'm a fan of no-film waterslide. It is pretty simple, looks good, and is near indestructible without a clear coat. You can do color with a color laser jet printer. I've not experimented with color yet, but now that I am back in the office and have access to a decent quality color laser printer...
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    My tribute to EVH!!!

    I love so much of everything about this.
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    Share your gig disasters :-)

    Should have just sold it as a John Cage 4'33'' inspired solo.
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    Share your gig disasters :-)

    Nothing crazy for me, really. I guess the worst thing was that we had gotten to a point where we were gigging pretty regularly and getting better places to play (tough to find places that want originals) when our lead singer quit. She was a great singer and thought we were too small time so she...
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    [Contest] Germania

    All hail the Hypnotoad!
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    A fail safe way to deal with LEDs

    I've started moving them all next to the footswitch. Most builds have a ton of room there. I solder wire to the LED legs and then put some heat shrink over the legs to keep them from shorting on anything. Then I use a drop of super glue to keep it in the bezel.
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    [Contest] Germania

    I'll go with 88 hFE and .108mA. I'm thinking that eight is my lucky number, apparently. Thanks @fig for always bringing the fun.
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    Now Playing... What are you Listening to Right Now?

    A little Built to Spill to get the evening going after putting the kiddo down.
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    'Best' Source for Pre-Cut Hook-Up Wire?

    I've never used it but I've seen it at Stomp Box Parts, so you may want to check them out as well.
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    Hookup Wire #22 or #24. What is the right size for PedalPCB products.

    I used solid core when I very first started and it broke on me all the time. I switched to stranded and my finger tips hated me and I hated having to tin the ends and the curve never really seemed to come out of the wire. I feel like pre-bonded splits the difference pretty well. I've never had...