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    Double Dutch

    I always dig your work, man. Did you design that board, too? 💅💅💅
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    Sproing Reverb Mockup Pedal

    I think it needs a bigger knob....
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    Elka Dizzy Tone

    Every fuzz is special.
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    Elka Dizzy Tone

    I love this mod. I've built four or five of these and they are just brutal. It also works surprisingly well with bass, too. I like the timbre knob, but I also like having the sustain knob as well, though I do admit that it lives in the last 25% for the most part. I have a ton of lower gain...
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    Moonn Lo-Fran (Pedals for Ukraine)

    I saw that on IG and was in love. Awesome job. Yet another one to add to the list!
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    Korg oscilloscope?

    Let us know what you think. Looks to have some potentially cool musical applications as well.
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    Korg oscilloscope?

    If you're interested in an inexpensive dual channel scope with a waveform generator check out the Hantek 2D72. It's also a DMM and is less than $200. It doesn't have all the features of the units @vigilante398 posted but I think it is worth looking in to as a intro unit if you're interested...
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    How ugly is it allowed to be if it works?

    Totally understandable - that's a lot of work, especially considering it's on top of your regular life as well!
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    How ugly is it allowed to be if it works?

    That's super rad! So when is the Sushi Box PCB store opening up, now?
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    No Film waterslide tutorial

    That looks great, well done! I've never clear coated any of my no-film but have been thinking about it lately to help things pop a bit more and make it more glossy.
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    Tantalum vs Electrolytic?

    AVX tant caps are sold by Tayda, if anyone was wondering where to get them.
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    Madbean Sludgehammer bass DI/preamp

    The BDDI is an amazing pedal and can make any bass sound good once you know how to use it. This is a great build - I can't wait to get mine done. I had an original BDDI in the early 2000's that I ended up selling after getting my 400+ thinking I didn't need it any more. I replaced it with the...
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    Madbean Boom Boom

    Oh, no! It's still working for me. Are there issues with Soundcloud in HK?
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    PedalPCB Electrovibe Mini

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    Madbean Boom Boom

    I think you need to build another one now just to use that artwork! 😂