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    Meaty Balls (My Meat Sack)

    Did you ever change that melted capacitor?
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    Meaty Balls (My Meat Sack)

    Also, I think that if you are using an LED and LDR combo to make a vactrol you usually need to use tape or something similar to stop light getting in.
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    Meaty Balls (My Meat Sack)

    You have a damaged capacitor in the middle next to the TL074. From my experience that amount of melting of the case has almost certainly destroyed the capacitor. That may not be what is causing your problem, but I think you need to replace it.
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    Cepheid sounds great but has 10db drop

    I haven't compared to the Boss schematic at all, but in general with pedalpcb boards, the parts values on the board silkscreen are the correct values where they differ from the documentation values. It usually means the board has been updated and the documentation hasn't yet been updated to match.
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    A few questions and trouble shooting

    Have you got an audio probe? Have a listen to the inputs and outputs of the FV-1. If there's noise in the inputs it will be there in the outputs.
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    Getting Solder out of pcb holes

    If all else fails, a 2 lead component doesn't need all the solder out of the hole (although you will need 2 hands, so a third hand or PCB holder will help. Just heat the older up and push one lead in a small bit (few mm for those of you metric inclined). Then do the other lead. You don't want...
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    Kliche mini minor problems

    The gain pot should be doing 2 things as you turn it up. Think of this pedal as 2 channels - a gain side (pretty low gain still) and a clean side. As you turn up the gain, you increase the gain on the gain side, and also gradually mix out the clean side and mix in the gain side. If you are...
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    Triangulum - no sound on bypass

    I would be tempted to wire in the new switch without the breakout board. Just use wire connections
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    TC Nova Delay ND-1

    SOT23 is not bad for a first attempt at SMD soldering. You will need magnification. I say that as an older bloke, but my 12 year old with perfect eyesight also needs magnification :-). I use a bench magnifier with a light. You will need a fine tip on your iron. Put a blob of solder onto one...
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    SOLVED Thumbsucker - audio signal dead at D2 (user error)

    A full analysis of the side chain is beyond me, but I can say that the purpose of the network between the threshold control and pin 1 of the LM13700 is to turn the audio signal into a DC current that controls the gain of the VCA. I would expect to lose audio signal fairly early in the process...
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    SOLVED Does anyone have Octagon firmware?

    Just brought it out and played it with a guitar and amp. Both internal and external sounds work and it sounds really nice. Time to box this one Up :)
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    SOLVED Does anyone have Octagon firmware?

    I am a home hobbyist though who does this pedal thing mostly as a way of enjoying the process of creation - and my wife is starting to hint that maybe a cheaper hobby might not be bad. I figure I can write and rewrite code for ages now without spending much money, and hopefully enjoy the...
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    SOLVED Does anyone have Octagon firmware?

    Well, the new EEPROM software was the same binary as I already had, but for some reason this seems to work. It is still on the bench but I have put a sine wave through it and got a weird modulated sine wave out the other side. It will have to wait a bit now for me to get time to put a guitar...
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    SOLVED Does anyone have Octagon firmware?

    I ordered a programmed EEPROM. It just wasn't working with the EEPROM programs - only the internal patches. PedalPCB has now sent me the firmware and I have burned it to an EEPROM to try, but I haven't had time to actually try it out. Hoping it works because then I have a few ideas for bass...