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    What Would Fry a Zener Diode?

    Before catching fire they get this really nice red glow happening
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    What Would Fry a Zener Diode?

    I lost the 15V zener that was regulating power to the EQ board in my bass amp once. In that case a very very hot signal had fried all the op amps on the board and they had failed short circuit, so there was way too much current being drawn for a split second until the main fuse blew. Too much...
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    Pro-10 Dual Overdrive Help

    The pots we can see look as if they are insulated on the back with electrical tape. If that is the case that may well be your problem if all the other pots are done the same way. That tape is very prone to being pierced by the cut ends of soldered leads. That would also explain things getting...
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    Mini-Heterodyne not going well

    With these, the trick is usually to look from the end. One side will be straight up and down (or close to). The other side will be a double wedge. The datasheet will show which side is which. In your photo, the straight side is on the right and the "wedged" side is on the left Edit...
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    Pro-10 Dual Overdrive Help

    Photos of the solder side will probably help. Given that one side is working, your power is probably working, unless there is a broken track or poor solder. An audio probe will probably show you where the signal is being lost. That will then show you where to look - most likely it is a bad...
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    Ocelot Octave subtle distorted sound

    I am not sure if this matters or not, but the only difference I can see that is in the audio path that is common to all the octaves is that there is a capacitor and resistor missing in the output of the pedal pcb schematic. This is the output section. C8 goes to the line that carries the mix...
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    SOLVED Magnetron screw up

    90% of the time if a pedal works out of the box and doesn't when it's in the box, it is either bad offboard wiring, or something touching something that it shouldn't be. Have a look for shorted components on the board (pots are prime candidates) and badly wired jacks. When you tried it out of...
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    Busted TS9 - Troubleshooting

    I think that in your situation before I replaced anything more I would trace through with an audio probe just to see what happens to the signal. That should hopefully give you some idea which component is busted.
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    SMD screamer

    The photo isn't clear. I am a bit sus of the soldering on the transistors, but it is hard to tell. What voltages are you getting on the IC?
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    Kliché Mini - Low Gain, Very Loud

    What behaviour are you seeing from the gain control? The gain on this does 2 things. It increases the gain (which should introduce some dirt). It also pans from an all clean signal to an all dirt signal (not that this ever gets really dirty). It is possible therefore to have the dirt part of...
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    Busted TS9 - Troubleshooting

    If you have 2 identical resistors to make up a voltage divider, and the divider is not giving you half voltage then there is a lot more current drawn from one half of the divider than the other. I would be guessing a blown component that is not fully shorted to a power rail
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    Busted TS9 - Troubleshooting

    There are a couple of tantalum caps on the board. If they are C5 and C6 then they are polarised - tantalum caps are definitely polarised.
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    Spirit Box doesn't do anything

    I am guessing the capacitor doesn't fit. It looks as if the leads are not touching anything they shouldn't, but you are just asking for trouble. I would be covering them with heatshrink just to make sure for all time.
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    Kliche Mini voltages are not right!

    The numbering of the pins in that picture is the standard numbering used by every manufacturer and every engineer in the entire world. That method of numbering is what we need to be using to make sure that we are all communicating about the same thing.
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    Kliche Mini voltages are not right!

    OK. IC1 pin 4 should be ground - this is correct IC1 power pin (8) should be at 9V (or close to). At 0.3V this is way wrong. You are getting (V at pin 5 though. This is way wrong. I would be expecting probably about 4 to 5 V on the rest of the IC1 pins. IC2 pin 4 is supposed to be -9V...