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    Hyped fuzz dpdt..which one

    The on-on-on I have are from Love My Switches. They test as Type 2 per this diagram. They are Taiway...but on the casing, under the name Taiway, they are marked "T1". 🤔
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    2N2222A - PN2222A - P2N2222A

    Cool, thanks!
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    2N2222A - PN2222A - P2N2222A

    Hello, Other than minding the pin outs, is there a particular reason that one is better than the other in the Depot Fuzz? Thanks!
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    Mine doesn’t really seem to do much at all other than act as a preamp. I wonder if I just need to play around with the LDR placement? Do they seem too low?
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    Creamery Compressor ETA

    The long rows of holes...those must be for the standy-uppy ICs I see in the original. What are they?
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    Probing the Conqueror

    Okay, thanks folks. That means I have to find the problem elsewhere 🥲
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    Probing the Conqueror

    Here's what I have going on with the transformer. What I was asking was that, as you see, there are no solder pads for the bottom outer pins. Is this correct?
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    Probing the Conqueror

    I’ve built the Conqueror a number of times now. Having an issue with latest version of the pcb. I’ve done a little probing around. I’m getting signal from the transistors, but nothing from the switch poles, which leads me to suspect the transformer. I’m using 42TM013, and the layout has changed...
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    Dark Rift Delay

    Oh, FFS, yep. Came here looking for IC voltages and I did the same thing with C8. With those other 3 1u there, it’s like when you read a sentence that’s missing a word and your brain just fills it in. Also, Hotcakes, I sympathize, I have those same grey 1u giants and it was tough to source any...
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    Bellum Fuzz MKI parts values

    I built PCB Guitar Manis version too. I could not get it to work as anything other than a high frequency tone generator. Now here I am in the middle of building this one and I’m...concerned. LOL
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    My Fox is howling

    Hello, I finished up with the Muffin Fuzz Foxey Lady version last night. Getting howling/squealing if either the volume or gain is turned up past 3 o'clock. Is this likely to be transistors with gain too high? I've rechecked all the parts are correct, and it sounds amazing if I keep the pots...
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    Grover Drive trim pot

    The trim on Q2 collector, can someone tell me what voltage this should be biased to? Thanks!
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    SOLVED Caesar Chorus no blend

    Word to that...and I already love it more than my JHS Emperor. :)
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    SOLVED Caesar Chorus no blend

    I swear, sometimes all it takes is for me to post here and suddenly the problem magically becomes apparent. Just pulled the BBD chips to make sure they didn’t have any bent pins...they were both the same chip. :( Problem solved. Thanks!
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    SOLVED Caesar Chorus no blend

    BBDs came from Small Bear. Rate led works and changes speed when rate knob is adjusted. Unboxed.