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    One Loop Switcher - Momentary & Latching with one footswitch

    There are a few that built two-footswitch ones, but I was particularly looking at one with a single footswitch. A few questions though: @PedalPCB: how does the module recognize the difference between pressing and holding the FS? I mean how long does it need to be held down for it to...
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    One Loop Switcher - Momentary & Latching with one footswitch

    Hi, not sure if there is something like this... I'm looking for a tiny loop switcher (with one loop) which only has one footswitch that will work momentary (when pressed) & latching (while holding). Is there anything out there? Thanks
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    Cornerstone Gladio

    Strangely, I only found an answer from Conerstone on TGP forum...don't know why they don't state it on their website?!
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    Low Tide

    Shit, I need this. @PedalPCB : do you think these will show up at at some point of time?
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    Cornerstone Gladio

    What does the switch on the left side do? edit: nevermind, found the answer!
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    Problem with JHS @+

    sorry, haven't checked the forum for a while...I passed the information to my buddy (who owns the pedals) and will try to find out if it worked or not! Thanks!
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    Problem with JHS @+

    Could anybody tell me what could be the reason for this issue with the JHS @+? In the video (zipped since I couldn't attach otherwise) you see the working one first and then the one with the issue...the LEDs are low and the sound is weak; both channels behave the same, probably some powering...
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    Black Arts Toneworks PHARAOH (or Son of Pharaoh)

    This is the greatest Fuzz pedal out there...I'd love a PedalPCB version of it!
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    Arachnid - Dual Eeprom

    WOW, this is aweome! I'd love to get one (if you ship internationally....I think I'd replace the internal switch with an on/on-toggle and put it on the outside of the enclosure...)
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    Adventure Audio Glacial Zenith II

    had MkI and still kicking myself on selling it because it’s one of the best low/mid drive gains I’ve ever played
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    International Shipping Delays

    Same for Germany
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    JHS Double Barrel clone sounds like dying fuzz at times

    Ok, thanks. I think I can live with this since both are connected to one power output of a Cioks DC7 that delivers 660mA on that output...if that’s the only drawback, I won’t change anything and run the risk of breaking something...
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    JHS Double Barrel clone sounds like dying fuzz at times

    It was in the beginning....but faced the same problem after a while again. OK, so the real change came from swapping R3? Is there any disadvantage of leaving the 10k inside in the power section?
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    JHS Double Barrel clone sounds like dying fuzz at times

    I've changed all the 100k resistors in the power section to 10k and R3 (10M) in the TS-side to 1M....not facing any problems atm