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    VFE Dragon Hound SPS – "Faust"

    Wow! Great work, and great art from @jjjimi84 !!!
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    CONTEST TC1 - Oh my TVC15

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    Thoughts on Tayda IC's?

    They pair really well with the Matte Army green ;)
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    Tayda UV Printing

    Sorry for the late reply, didn't see your post this morning. Yes, for the rest use CMYK colors Yes, you would then put all the artwork in the "COLOR" layer Like Cooder, when I opened the pdf, all is in one layer (though I'm on an older version of AI and it does this back-converting...) and...
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    XC Phase

    The bare look works really well here with the simple control layout. Nice work.
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    Tayda UV Printing

    I have my layers set up like this in Illustrator (I think I set them up like this when I first started using the service, as that was the way it is shown on Tayda's UV page ) Though I'm not sure if the order makes a difference, as I think the printer will print the RDG White first, the COLOR...
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    Tayda UV Printing

    No, the “RDG White” is intended to look grey on your monitor. It will print as white.
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    Tayda Gloss on Matte.

    I'll echo Alex's comment, these turned out great @thewintersoldier !
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    Tayda predrilled enclosures

    Are you talking about those? If yes, you should be good with 6.55. I tend to go a tad smaller (maybe 6.35 with the powder coat), and if needed I file little by little to ensure a good pressure fit (and sometimes file too much and have to use hot glue... :rolleyes:), but I think that's because I...
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    Preamp (XB-MB)

    Maybe @HamishR can comment on it, as I built it for a friend.
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    Now Playing... What are you Listening to Right Now?

    I was lucky, my friend had ordered it and he received an extra copy and gifted it to me. Your description is pretty spot on ;). It's a good album.
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    Great Awesome work!!!
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    Tayda predrilled enclosures

    Yes. That's what I did here
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    Tayda predrilled enclosures

    The hole sizes are adjusted for powder coat, and you need to adjust the LED holes to taste, depending on what you're using. Hole for DC jack is for a slimline jack. Only the USB hole is missing
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    Tayda predrilled enclosures

    I can send you my coordinates when I’m home tonight. I don’t have the location for the usb, but they can drill on all 5 sides.