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    Tayda UV Printing

    Yes, I’ve done it with complicated graphics that generated a LOT of paths after tracing and it came out great. Edit: [example 1] [example 2]
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    Greatest Hits Thread

    You should, most excellent!
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    [Contest] Germania

    I’ll go first 87 hFE .103mA you’re too good to us Tim!
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    Viceroy Overdrive Mockup Pedal - Boneyard Edition

    @Chuck D. Bones, what would be a good replacement for the 2n5089 in this circuit?
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    [CONTEST] Sandspur Fuzz Video

    Oh man, I went with sugar skulls, but this would have been great with a build I just need to finish! But for the matter at hand, something in the vein of this would be cool
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    Runoff Groove Tri-vibe

    Yes! But that Matte Light Blue is so good, the way it contrast with black makes it the best IMO. Nice build!
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    What are you currently reading?

    I get you, my job includes a lot of reading/research (reports, articles, various documents), so at the end of the day I rarely feel like reading (especially when I have a build going...), but this week at the cottage, I finished a book in 3 days and have already started another.
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    What are you currently reading?

    Just finished Paul Auster’s Brooklyn Follies (French translation) last night and about to start Taqawan by Éric Plamondon. I recommend the 1984 trilogy by Plamondon (which has been translated in English).
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    Synth Newbie Question - Signal chain...

    I've had good result without a re-amp box in the past just using a spare IN and OUT on my interface to act as a SEND/RETURN for eternal effect. Then again, it depends on the effect as some will take a Line signal better than others. Ableton as the "External Audio Effect" for precisely this...
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    What plectrum does everyone use?

    I'm in the .88 club also, mainly nylon or tortex. I had bought a Dunlop variety pack when I picked up the guitar again 3 years ago, and I'll also just reach for the nearest when nothing's in sight. That, or a Fender celluloid medium which I have a few lying around.
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    Looking for Flux Pen Recommendations

    I have a MG Chemicals one that I use on a SMD project (not sure which part# as I'm out of town for the week). Works well, and always good to have around for stubborn desoldering cases.
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    Can someone check my Tayda UV PDF file?

    Alex is probably right, as I always have them like this and they print fine: GLOSS COLOR WHITE Not sure it matters (as Alex stated, the Roland swatch are spot colors so the White print first and the varnish last), but I was mainly asking because I was going to suggest to use a white underlay...
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    Can someone check my Tayda UV PDF file?

    I saw your post on Reddit, you'll print them on white enclosures, right? (just to confirm that you don't need a white underlay). I'm on an older version of Illustrator, but I guess you have your gloss layer and your color layer separate, so it should be fine. On a side note, you should just have...
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    Coming Soon!!!

    You sir, truly are a gentleman and a scholar.
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    Thanks, the camera movement was brought to you by my shitty “tripod” (iPhone on a old selfie stick Held in a mic stand…). From the little time I had with the pedal, I know it’s going to be fun, can’t wait to experiment when I get back. Lac Théodore in the Laurentides in Québec. Lucky that my...