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    Resistors sourced from Tayda

    I find them better than resistors from Aliexpress kits. They have thicker legs which I use then for breadbording (jumpers) and as a potentiometer mounting legs. T.
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    I need a new step bit

    I buy them from Aliexpress. 3-12mm, 1mm step. T.
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    And this is what happens when you drill before you measure...

    That's why I prefer "regular" pots, with some wire (cut off resistor leads) soldered to the legs of the pot. It allows to compensate for problems like this. T.
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    JFETS, matching etc.

    Can you take one of the J201 transistors and make comparison of Vgs readigns from DMM method and transistor tester? T.
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    JFETS, matching etc.

    Those jfet readings are from LCR meter or DMM? Suspiciously good as for ebay 201's... T.
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    JFETS, matching etc.

    Cannot view the file - "You must be logged in to do that." T.
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    JFETS, matching etc.

    I've never worried about any protection because I have dedicated adapter for smd, socket for through hole and I do not mix bjt and fet stuff ;) But of course it's a good advice. T.
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    JFETS, matching etc.

    You can also try "circuit" described here (bottom of the page) Also here - T.
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    JFETS, matching etc.

    Ok.. Tayda jfets are jfets.. thats' t the meter probably. Those cheap LCR meters are not the best choice for JFET measuring. I have one and do not use it for jfets because readings are off. Mourguitars - can you measure the same transistors with this simple setup? T.
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    12R4 resistor value????

    It's 12,4 Ohm. M, K or R letter between digits replaces comma (M-mega, K - kilo, R - Ohm). T.
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    Future of the J201 - Moving forward

    I use almost exclusively MMBF/MMBFJ transistors but when possible I prefer to have through hole footprint. It's easier to swap transistors soldered to adapters than solder-desolder smd transistor. But I do not see any problem with "smd only" path. T.
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    Why It doesnt works?

    I'd check this spot first. T.
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    Must Have Distortion Pedals...

    It would be nice to see the Palladium. It's been available for quite some time and still no schematic available T.
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    Types of enclosure decoration...

    Not sure about proper name for this type of paper - probably cardstock. I usually use 120g/sq m, sometimes thicker. T.
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    Types of enclosure decoration...

    I never use label as a drilling template :). It's a crime ;) But seriously - when I design the artwork I use layers for different types of objects. Holes, text, outlines, hardware, etc. I have separate layer for centerlines. For the drilling template I leave visible only - holes, faceplate...