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    NOTE -- New Daisy Seeds have hardware changes that require recompiling libraries

    Starting to get back into the swing of things so I may give these bad boys a go. Thanks for posting them
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    Drill templates will be available soon

    I use mine on the gorvas too, even though they don't line up right
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    Shrapnel Build

    Finally got this one boxed up. I was missing a few components, but instead of procuring them, I just used what I had. Swapped C5k for B5k, Swapped A1m for B1m, 43k res for 47k res, 47290 for opa2134. Had to box it up proper once I tested it out through the princeton reverb, man does this thing...
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    This Week on the Breadboard: the Supro 1304 Fuzz (Repo Fuzz)

    Love the writeup chuck, I'd definitely be interested in trying out some of these mods, as this is one of my favorite pedals, and I've got 1 1304 left in my stash after having already built 2 of these.
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    Spirit Box white noise - PT2399 problem?

    If you bend the LED leads so they aren't touching the case, does anything change?
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    Moog MF Drive

    It's probably the most versatile drive I've ever played, you can shape it into almost any overdrive sound you want. And if you hook up the expression pedal you can get a wah sound if you want
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    Heat gun recommendation?

    I have the same one, it also works for drying joint compound if you have to fix drywall (don't ask me how i know that)
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    Electric Pen Screwdriver Recommendations?

    Just picked up this one and it's been solid so far. I've got the other drills for heavy duty, but this one won't strip out the heads unless you reallllly try hard
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    Brother P-Touch Tutorial

    Heads up to anyone looking for one of these, they are on sale at staples for 69.99
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    If anyone needs me I'll be in the Angry Dome.
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    Wampler Andy Wood Gearbox

    Looks rad, seems like it could be split too for different flavor options of the Tumnus & Pinnacle
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    Admiral Crunch D-LUX

    I'm calling this one Admiral Crunch, because the poor Cap'n deserves a promotion, don't you think? This bad boy definitely lives up to the name, suuuuper crunchy, and I really like the LED clipping, and as Chuck said in his build, the EQ is terrific. I've also been told that I'm not allowed to...
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    What the heck does “thermionic” even MEAN?!?!

    I'm really hoping board 420 is something extra dank
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    Friedman BE Mini Not technically a's solid state, so why not, right?
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    UTILITY MUFFIN — Stomp Under Foot

    haha oh boy as someone waiting for a new saddle, i feel your pain too