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    Show us your...

    Yeah, it's a great guitar, cuts through a mix insanely well. I hate the standard bridge and swapped it out after about the 50th time of knocking a string off the OG bridge, so the purists probably hate me but I can actually strum hard now and play things without worry
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    Show us your...

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    What the heck does “thermionic” even MEAN?!?!

    I'm really hoping board 420 is something extra dank
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    Friedman BE Mini Not technically a's solid state, so why not, right?
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    If left with only...

    London Calling
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    Describe your playing style...

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    UTILITY MUFFIN — Stomp Under Foot

    haha oh boy as someone waiting for a new saddle, i feel your pain too
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    StudioDaydream Dhyana

    Can you tag all the boards that are gooped in the store? I think it would be a fun little collection
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    Simulcast/Son of Ben combo? Anyone done it?

    Unless you're mounting the transformer off board (which some builders on here have done), that's correct, it'll need to be in a deeper enclosure.
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    Simulcast/Son of Ben combo? Anyone done it?

    I haven't put them in the same box, but I have built them both, and they are not even close to the same thing. I think they can compliment each other quite nicely. The Ben is never going to reach the fuzz territory, but the Simulcast DEFINITELY does, and is really wonderful for that (and it's...
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    So I bought a small cheap laser...
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    So I bought a small cheap laser...

    How small and cheap is this "laser"
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    3-in-1 - Informant, Seabed, ThreeVerb (w/ Demo)

    I have another mondo enclosure, so I am trying to decide what I want to make for myself. It's hard to think of a better combo than these three though (or at least their types). I've also contemplated seeing how many circuits/footswitches i can get into one of these, so there may be a Angry...
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    Builds for 2021

    Those 4pin connectors are rad, I've been toying with adding those. Which ones did you choose?
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