BTF Fuzz (Blackhat/GOTA collaboration)


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Wanting to expand my journey into pcb design, I asked @Guardians of the analog what circuit he’d like to build or see come into fruition. His response was a Boss FZ-3 fuzz with more volume on tap. Armed with this idea, a few conversations with Chris, and some breadboard sessions, this is what I came up with. A Boss FZ-3 but with a muff style, common emitter amplifier output stage. I can’t say that this sounds like the original, having never played around with one, but I can tell you that this thing rips🤘. I’m not a fuzz guy and when it comes to fuzz tones, the Russian Muff has always been favorite. Having said that though, this beast has booted the muff to the curb and is living up to its name… a build that f*****. I went into this project wanting to hook up a friend but, I came out of it with a favorite new tone and something I’m pretty proud of. Thanks for looking, and I’ll see you the next one.