SOLVED Closed circuit booster limiter SoloDallas Storm - no sound


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Hi guys, just finished this build but there’s no sound when the pcb is engaged. I checked few sections and I hear the sound. I hear the sound from every pot, from the positive of the optoisolator, from pin 6 of RC4558 and from LM386N (I don’t remember the pin).
From the output pin of the pcb there’s no sound. Do you have any suggestion?


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I finally found the problem.
Both the IC were good, I checked that there was sound from pin 2 of the B1k LEVEL pot but there was no sound from the board output.
I finally saw that one silvered circle of one layer of pin 2 was missing. I had to desolder the level pot because I solder the wrong value.
Desoldering the pot I damaged one layer.
I soldered a cable from pin 2 of the level pot directly to the board output of the 3dpt adaptor and everything works.